Life’s Changes Ch. 12

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I woke up the next morning alone in my bed. Bill was nowhere in sight, Pam wasn’t there with my coffee either. I figured that they were still out on their morning run. I went to the bathroom and relieved my self of my morning pee hardon. After wishing my cock away I took my morning shower. I checked myself to see if I need to shave my legs but I still didn’t need to shave. When I walked back in the bedroom I found Bill bent over the back of the bedroom chair gasping for breath. I asked

“What’s wrong are you okay.” I could see Bill’s tee shirt was soaked with sweat.

“You have to get rid of that girl. If you don’t she may kill us all.” He said between gulps of air.

“What girl, what happen?” I asked

“I set a pretty grueling pace for them. Sorry Bill next time say something.” Kim said from the doorway. She was leaning against the doorframe wiping her face with a hand towel. She was breathing hard but not near as bad as Bill was.

“I would have but I was too busy trying to catch my breath.” Bill said still trying to get his breath back. “Pam and I usually only do two miles how far did we go?”

“Well I’m kind of winded so I figured about seven. I usually do ten. No wonder Pam dropped out after the first three.” Kim said

“Where is Pam?” I asked

“She’s down stairs making breakfast. We didn’t go very far, how far could I go.” Kim said.

“Seven miles I never did seven miles before. Even when I was in high school.” Bill said in shock then to me he said. “You have to get rid of her she’s going to kill me.”

Kim laughed and said “What doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger.”

“That’s what I’m afraid of.” Bill said but we all laughed Kim walked over to Bill and rubbed her hand over Bill’s ass and said

“When I get done with you your going to be the sexiest she male walking. Now go take a shower before I see if that cock of yours can fit inside of me.” Bill groaned then stood up and walked into the bathroom. Kim turned to me and said “Exercise makes me horny and I love the smell of clean sweat. Not the kind where someone’s been sweating all day but the kind right after a good run or work out.”

Pam came in to the bedroom with my coffee and said after, giving me a kiss and a smile to Kim “Good morning my Mistress here’s your coffee and your fruit is waiting down stairs.”

“Thank you Pam, you don’t seem that winded.”

“I’ve been back for a while I was when I got back. If there nothing else you would like I would like to take a shower now so I can get ready for work.”

“That’s fine. Go ahead I’ll meet you down stairs.” I told her

“Wait for me Pam.” Kim told her then to me she said. “We might as well shower together it’ll conserve on the water.” Kim gave me a lusty smile

“Just remember we all have to go to work today.” I told Kim then turned my attention to my make up. After I was finished with my make up Bill came out of the bathroom and I said

“I’m going to contact the gnomes about the landscaping today is there anything special you want them to plant?”

“You know how I love roses other than that no. Oh wait do you think they can put in a running track about two miles long and ten yards wide though the woods?”

“I don’t know I can ask. What kind of surface do you want?” I asked

“I was thinking just dirt it would be a lot easier on the feet than Concrete or asphalt.”

“I’ll see what they say, if not maybe we can have Teven do it.” I told him

After I finished getting dressed and when down stairs. I sat to eat my breakfast while I spoke to the gnomes. By the end of the conversation I had agreed to let a band of gnomes move on to the property permanently which also meant I would have to let a flight of sprites move in as well since the sprites gave the light the gnomes need to do their work. So that meant there would be about a hundred gnomes and two hundred sprites on the property. The leader of the band of gnomes thanked me for letting them put in the track, because he said. The Trolls would come in with their bulldozers and tear up the place. If the gnomes did it, none of the tress would be killed and they could keep it looking perfect all the time.

After Bill, Kim and Pam came down I told Bill about the track. Then I asked “Has anyone heard from Mary this morning?” No one had so I called Jenny

“Jenny, is Mary still there?”

“Yes we just finished breakfast and she’ll be home shortly. She’s all ready for work, Jeri left about an hour ago so he could be to work on time. Oh and thank you, they were lovely. Jim really loved Jeri she was very sweet he said.”

“I’m glad you all enjoyed yourselves. I was just making sure she was alright.”

“Their both fine. What about dinner tonight any plans?” Jenny asked

“We still have those steaks and lobsters we didn’t cook on Saturday. We could cook them up tonight.” I told her

“Ok that sounds good. Do you want me to make the hotel reservations for this weekend?”

“No I’ll take care of them. I Keçiören Escort want to try some place different.” I told her. I didn’t want to tell her that I wanted to try one of the hotels I owned. I thought it would sound like bragging.

“Ok love Mary’s on her way home now. Jim’s is going to drop her off. I’ll talk to you tonight and thanks again. Hey just so you know I do love you.”

“I love you to Jen. I see you tonight.” I told her as I hung up

“Pam can you cook up the steaks for tonight?”

“I didn’t get the steaks or lobsters on Saturday I figured I could get them when we wanted them so they would be fresh.”

I handed Pam one of the credit cards that Sean gave me and said. “See if Sharon and Sal want to come over and get enough for every one. You can keep that card for any purchases you make for the house hold.” I knew she was going to argue with me

“Mistress our arrangement was for me to pay for all the food and anything I wanted.”

“I just changed that arrangement. Do you have a problem with that?” I could see Pam was fighting with herself. “Pam if I find out you paying for something that I told you to use the card for I will be very displeased. Do you understand me?”

“Yes Mistress I’ll do as you say.” Pam said as she submitted to my will. Mary came in just as Pam and I finished our verbal sparing. I turned to her and said

“Well how did you enjoy yourself?” Mary’s smile lit up her whole face

“It was wonderful. I hope it was ok that I let Jim use me for his pleasure this morning?” She said as a blush came to her face.

“Of cause it was I’m glad you enjoyed yourself. Tonight I’ll give you a reward for fulfilling my command. I also want you to help Pam in the kitchen tonight.” When I said that I heard someone stomp her heel. I turned to Pam and said

“Was that you?”

“Yes Mistress but it’s my job to do all the cooking. You said so.”

“I said that when there was just the three of us. I thought you could use the help. If you don’t want it then you don’t have to have it but I will not stand for you stamping your feet at me. Tonight you will submit yourself for punishment.” I told her

“Yes my Mistress.” She said as she caste her eyes to the floor, but I could also see a smile come to her lips. This was just what she wanted and I played right into her hand. The slut was looking for attention from me. I guess she deserved it since she hasn’t had any in well over a week.

After that I asked Kim if she was ready to go and she said she was. I kissed Mary and Bill good by, and then gave Pam a peck on the cheek. Not because I was mad at her but I wanted her to think I was. It was all part of the game. Once we were in Kim’s car she asked

“Am I crazy or did Pam do that on purpose.”

“Do you mean act up enough to get me to punish her?”

“Yea it seems like she wants you to punish her.”

“I think she was just looking for some attention and that was a way to get it. I can’t blame her; I’ve been neglecting her lately. She does deserve some attention from me.” I told her

“Do you enjoy punishing her?”

“Not really. I get sexually excited when I paddle her or Bill for that matter but it’s not something I crave. If I never had to do it again I wouldn’t miss it.”

“Then why do you do it?”

“They enjoy it and it doesn’t hurt me so why not. I’m a nymph I give my lovers what they want. As long as it’s not to disgusting.”

“I don’t understand why some people like to be spanked. I let one girlfriend try spanking me because she liked doing it but it wasn’t something I liked, it hurt to much.” Kim confessed to me

I don’t understand it either but if they like it why not indulge them, they indulge me enough.”

After we arrived at work and we rode up in the elevator together I said to Kim as she was getting off. “I’m going to try and leave work early today say around three. If you can’t leave that early let me know.”

“I’m going to try and stay down here as long as I can hold out. So I may not see you today.” She said with a hopeful grin

“Ok I do need to come down for a work out around ten-thirty. So if you want to leave before I get there I’ll understand.”

“We’ll see if I can hold out that long.” She said with a laugh.

Once in my office I asked Ginger about my schedule. “You have a farewell luncheon in the executive dinning room at noon. It’s for Mr. Keys. Jeff wants to speak to you, I told him he’ll see you at the luncheon but he wanted to speak privately with you. Other wise that’s it.”

“See if Jeff can come up early this morning. I want to try and get in a work out today.” I told her

I sat at my desk, bound and determined to get something done today. Twenty minutes later Ginger bussed me to let me know Jeff was here. I open my door and let Jeff in and locked my door as I closed it. Then I said so Ginger couldn’t hear

“Strip I want to see if you did as I had asked.” Jeff was wearing a dark blue suit Keçiören Escort Bayan with a white shirt and a tie. Once hearing my command he removed the jacket and tie and unbuttoned his shirt. Under the shirt he was wearing a white satin camisole. Once the shirt was all the way off I had him raise his arms and I found he had shaved his underarms.

“Now the pants.” I told him. He went to take off his shoes I stopped him saying. “Just drop your pants I want to see what you have on under them.”

Jeff unbuckled his belt and undid the button on his pants and let them drop to the floor. He was wearing a pair of white satin panties under the white garter belt that held up white stockings. I then pulled his panties out so I could see his pubic area. His cock and balls were clean-shaven as well as the rest of the area. Jeff was starting to get an erection. I could see it swelling as I looked at it. It wasn’t a monster cock like Bill’s, but he definitely wouldn’t be embarrassed by it either.

“How big will it get?” I asked nodding to his dick.

“About eight inches my Mistress,” He said with a blush coming to his face.

“Not bad, but you are going to have to learn some control over it. Next time put the panties on after you put on the stockings and garters this way you don’t have to undo the garters to take off your panties. Ok now get dressed.” Once Jeff was dressed I asked

“Did you enjoy yourself last night?”

“Yes I did Mistress, Ginny was very patient with me. I believe she was happy with my efforts. Even though I was clumsy in my attempts to please her.”

“What makes you think you were clumsy?”

“I came to quickly when she wanted me to do her anally. And I gagged when I tried to do her orally. She must have enjoyed herself because I got flowers from her this morning.”

“That was sweet of her. So I gather you’ll like to do it again then?”

“If that’s what my Mistress would like I would love to give pleasure to whom ever she would like.”

“Ok do you have something for me or was this visit so I would know you liked what happen and you want to do it again?”

“I had a call from Sal when I got in this morning about setting up a interview.”

“He’s pretty eager. What position were you thinking of him filling?” I giggled thinking about what a dirty mind could come up with to answer that question. Jeff realized where my mind had gone and chuckled too.

“I was thinking of putting him in the system information manager’s spot if his references are any good he does seem to know quite a bit.” That was Jeff’s old position before he moved up to Department head.

“Ok have you set up a time yet?”

“Two this afternoon. Do you want to interview him?”

“No I think you can handle this if you have any problem don’t be afraid to ask but I think you can run with this. I know you know your stuff when it comes to computers. So I’m sure you know what we’re looking for when it comes to filling that position.”

“Thank you for your confidence. Is there anything else you would like?”

“Come over for dinner tonight. And tomorrow I want you to wear more feminine lingerie. Something in pink with lots of flowers.” I saw a blush come to his face and then he said

“I was afraid they would show though my shirt.”

“Then you should get a better quality of shirt or wear colored ones.” I told him

“I’ll stop on the way home Mistress. What time should I be there for dinner and what should I wear?”

“Something pretty, a skirt would be nice. You could come over as soon as your ready, dinner won’t be until seven-thirty or so. I want to see how feminine you can look with out magic. Ok go I have work to do and I want to get in a work out this morning.” I said in a dismissive manner

“Yes my Mistress.” He said before he bowed and went to leave.

“If you continue to bow to me I’m going to have your curtsy instead so make up your mind.” I told him. Jeff gave me a small smile then left.

I finally got to work, but before I knew it was ten-thirty. So I grabbed my gym bag and made my way down to the gym. I put on my work out sweats and went into the gym. I did my stretching then got on the Stairmaster. Two minutes in to my work out Kim came in and got on the other stair master. She touched my hand and I could see her visible relaxed. She must have been climbing the walls trying to stay away from me. I asked

“Do you feel better now?”

“Yea, The guys in the other room are going to think I’m the biggest bitch alive by the time they’re done.” Then she looked over at the setting of my Stairmaster and asked. “Do you always set it this low?”

“Low this is on the medium setting.”

“That settings for bored house wives that want something to do. If you want to put some firmness in those ass cheeks you’ll need to go faster.” She said as she reached over and turned up the speed of the machine. I kept up with it but just barely. Kim turned hers up even faster. We kept up the Escort Keçiören pace for twenty minutes then she reached over and turned mine down to the medium setting again. She turned hers down too, after a few minutes of the medium setting she slowed it down to a gentile pace then we got off.

“Not bad not bad at all. Now let’s see what you can do on the tread mill.” I looked at her and asked between breaths

“What is this some kind of test. Or are you just trying to kill me.”

“I’m just trying to see how far I can push you. That’s my job as personnel trainer.” She said as matter a fact.

“Maybe I like the way I’m doing it and I don’t want to be pushed.”

“Sure you do. If you didn’t want to be pushed you would have turned the speed down yourself. Now get you fat butt on the tread mill.”

“My butt is not fat.” I said as I walked over to the treadmill. Kim laughed as I got on the mill and she turned on the track. I started as a brisk walk, after a minute or so she turned up the speed to a slow trot. Then she turned it up to an all out run. I hated running, I hate it when my tits started flopping all over, which was when ever I ran. After five minutes of that I reached up and turned down the speed.

“What’s the matter can’t handle the heat.” I would have answered but my main concern was taking in enough air to keep from passing out. After a few minutes of that she turned down the speed to a slow walk and then stopped the track.

“Not to good at running you’ll get better. When you catch your breath we’ll see how good you are at stomach crunches.” She said as I groaned in protested to which she laughed and added “Hey I told you I was good at what I do.”

“I’ll let you know right now I hate running. I hate it when my boobs flop all over.” I told her when I could breathe and talk again.

“Then we’ll have to get you a better support bra and that won’t happen. And while we’re at it you’ll need better work out cloths those look like you’ve been training in them since you were in high school.”

“I have a feeling I’m going to get a lot of complaints about you or no one’s going to come in here.” I told her as I lay down on a mat to start my crunches.

“Up. Don’t worry about that I know just how far I can push someone. And I can push you pretty far. Down.” Kim had me do about twenty crunches then had me do thirty pushups and said

“Your upper body strength is pretty good but you need to work on your stomach muscles, their kind of weak.” Then looking at her watch she said “You have twenty minutes to get showered and changed before your luncheon.

“How did you know about that?” I asked as I started getting up.

“I called Ginger when you came in here, to see what time I had to have you back. Now if you don’t get your fat ass in gear your going to be late.”

“My ass is not fat.” I said in more of a whine then in the confidence I felt. I heard Kim laugh as I made my way to the shower. What a bitch she was, I had a good mind to leave with out her then she’d play hell trying to catch me. Then I remembered we came in her car. Ok I’ll leave her here tomorrow. I said to myself.

I made it to the luncheon just in time. Malcolm gave Keys a watch and a plaque. Then we all stood around talking. I stood holding a glass of punch talking to Mike. The glass was shaking as my muscles unwound from my work out. Malcolm came up to me and asked

“Are you ok? You looked all frazzled at the edges and that glass looks like it’s going to come out of your hand.”

“I’m fine I just had a work out with the bitch from hell. I think I need to find a new trainer.” Malcolm laughed and said

“Sounds like she’s just what we need.”

“Oh yea, give her a try. The worse part is she knows all the right buttons to push.”

“Sounds like she just what we need. Maybe she can get some of these people in there. Don’t fire her yet let’s see how she works out first. Maybe she pushed you harder because you’ve trained more.”

“If she says I have a fat butt one more time I going to put out a contract on her.” I told him half serious. Malcolm laughed and said

“If she said you have a fat butt I not going anywhere near her.”

“Oh big talk from the guy that says I should keep her on.” Malcolm laughed along with Mike then Malcolm said

“Seriously give her a couple of months to see how she relates to the other employees.”

“Ok but if you hear I had her killed don’t say I didn’t warn you.” Malcolm chuckled and started to walk away. I grabbed his arm and said to Mike. “I need to talk to Malcolm.”

“Sure I need to talk to Keys anyway.” After Mike left I turn to Malcolm and asked

“How much arm twisting did you have to use to get Keys to retire?”

“Very little he was just bidding his time so he could get the full retirement package. When I offered to give him the full pension plus six months pay and to buy back all his stock at face value he jumped at it. He’s going to retire one very rich man.”

“That was very generous of you.” I said

“You did say to make it worth his wile. The estate will buy back the stock then sell it at the next offering. If we merge again the price should double and your estate will stand to make a pretty good profit. He’s happy, your estate’s will be happy so we all make out.”

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