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The bronzed woman knelt beside his sun lounger studying the muscled young body as she traced her fingers across the inked skin. Leaning closer, she breathed gently over the area whilst deciding, then pressed an expensively manicured finger on the fourth marking.

The cherry red inking was one of five tattooed on the twenty-three year olds groin, the tiny roman numerals below indicated a date just over a year ago.

“This one, tell me this one’s story!” she demanded.

There was a hesitation, but her blood red nail trailed from the inking to his left testicle, lifted the hairless orb to her mouth, and she kissed it teasingly.

“Okay,” he breathed, “This one is just between us, no one else can know!”

“Hmm,” she murmured between kisses, “Promise, my lips will be sealed!”

He felt a tug as her lips sucked the loose skin into her mouth.

“The girl was a client,” he said, as he started to relate the story, “Her married sister had arranged for her to visit the spa with her every fortnight, so she could prepare her for her wedding.”

“They both started in my gym classes,” he continued, “Then they would have a detox session, or a skin treatment by one of the female beauticians.”

“After two or three visits, the older sister asked for a sports massage,” the muscled young man explained, “And she insisted on me doing it.”

“The sister was a full member so she had a suite allocated for her stays,” he elaborated, “So the massage could be in private. It was just me and the two women, the younger one watched as I gave her sister an orgasm.”

The bronzed woman stopped sucking the young man’s balls, straddled his thighs and shuffled forward so she could sit on his lap. After rubbing her pussy lips over his thickening cock, she held him lightly in one hand and pressed his cock against her clitoris, rocking her hips for added stimulus.

“Good boy,” the woman breathed as he stiffened, “I want details of the younger girl.”

“She was Asian, long black hair, dark eyes, beautiful, but shy,” the younger man replied, “She was due to be married, and her sister was instructing her on how to be a good wife!”

“Hmm,” the bronzed woman replied, “The sister got her kicks too, how did you get her off?”

“The first time, was a massage then fingers only on her clit, no penetration,” the young man replied, “But she insisted I was naked so her sister could study my body and reactions.”

The bronzed woman rubbed herself against a little faster but indicated he should continue.

“The sister encouraged the girl to touch my skin, smell me and kiss my body but not anywhere near my cock,” he continued trying not to squirm gaziantep escort as his cock twitched in the older woman’s hand, “The elder sister then stroked me until I spurted cum over her tits, then let the girl touch it and smell it.”

“I wasn’t allowed to touch the girl for the first couple of lessons,” he moaned as the older woman pressed him harder to her clit as she shuddered having a mini orgasm.

“By the third lesson the girl was encouraged to wank me and taste me, but the sister took over and showed her how to give a blow job!” the young man groaned and spurted over the older woman’s pussy and belly.

The woman scooped a couple of globs of cum into her mouth, then said, “Did the married sister swallow?”

“Yes, but not all of it,” the young man replied in a faltering voice as the woman squeezed more cum from his cock,

“She snowballed the younger sister first so she could experience the taste of warm cum!”

“I approve,” the older woman said, “I think I’d like to meet this teacher. What next?”

“The fourth lesson, started as normal, but I had been booked for the whole night, in a double room, the first sessions were always in a twin room,” he continued,

“Then the younger sister stripped completely for the first time and they had me lie down on the double bed and after getting me hard the elder sister, left us together, warning me I could only touch her sister if she asked me but I could not penetrate her with anything.”

The older woman lay down beside the young man and scooted down and took his softened cock in her mouth, after two slow sucks, she lifted off,

“Don’t stop, I’m just getting you warmed up again!”

“At first the younger sister lay beside me, then gingerly touched me. Then she surprised me by taking my hand and pressing it to her breast. Next, she asked me to kiss her, which we did for quite a while as I caressed her breasts and nipples,” he breathed deeply as the older woman sucked him completely into her throat.

“After fifteen minutes of petting, she told me to give her an orgasm, any way I wanted to, except actual intercourse,” he hesitated, “It was the first time she had properly spoken to me, and it seemed she was reciting from a script.”

“I began with her nipples, they were small and mahogany brown with neat areolas,” he smiled, partly from the blow job the older woman was performing, but mainly the memory of the full breasts of the young Asian girl and her squirming reaction to his initial actions.

“I had her moaning and, on the verge, before I moved down to her pussy,” he proudly related, “Her sister had insisted she retain a neat triangle of dark curly pubes, for her husband to be, I loved the feel of their softness on my face.”

He felt the older woman react to his words, she was completely bare from pussy to arsehole, but she resumed her sucking and licking after a brief pause.

“I sucked on her clitoris, licked her from front to back,” he continued, “I had her moaning and on edge for ten minutes before I finally let her orgasm, then I moved up to kiss her so she could taste her own juices.”

The older woman pulled her mouth off his cock and groaned with her own second but stronger orgasm, she had been rubbing her own clitoris while listening and sucking.

“As I kissed her, I rubbed the head of my cock on her pussy and clitoris,” the young man said, “She responded and I had to stop her trying to push onto my cock, but I managed to wedge it between our bodies and dry humped her to a second, then third orgasm before a came over her belly.”

The older woman had now moved to lay beside him, leaving his cock alone, “I’m going to ride you hard when you finally tell me when you broke her cherry, so you can’t come again just yet!”

“Okay, ma’am,” the young man agreed, before continuing.

“We fell asleep, but she asked me to repeat it again the following morning,” he said, “We probably had three more sessions before she was finally due to fly out to the States for her wedding. The only penetration had been a finger or thumb in her arse when I licked her out. That always got her off quickly!”

He felt the older woman jerk beside him as she continued to rub her own clitoris, “What happened on her last visit?” she pleaded, sounding on the edge of a third orgasm.

“It was the night before she flew, they had the airport limousine pick them up the following morning,” the young man responded, “The three of us played around for about an hour, so the younger girl could show off her techniques, then her sister went to her own room.”

Sensing the story was coming to a close the older woman straddled the younger man this time ‘Cowgirl’ and reached for his stiff cock. Rubbing the head of the long thick member over her pussy lips a few times she pushed down to take the head inside.

“Tell me the rest, whilst I fuck myself on you!” the older woman demanded, then forced her pussy to swallow the whole of his cock in one movement.

“Oh shit,” the younger man exclaimed, then when composed, “The girl got me to eat her pussy until she couldn’t stand to come anymore, then became weepy because it was her last night with me!”

The older woman ground on his cock, using her pussy muscles to squeeze and release, as she rubbed her own clit, “Did you finger her arse?”

“Thumb,” he replied, enjoying the pulsing of the older woman’s pussy.

“Thumb me,” she demanded, “Just like the Asian girl!”

He sucked his thumb, slid it up and down the older woman’s arse crack, then forced it in her rosebud twisting to make her wider.

“That’s how she liked it,” he growled, “When she stopped crying, she crawled on me and stroked my cock back to stiffness, then rubbed it against her clit, until she finally held it at her pussy entrance and told me to fuck her!”

The older woman raised her hips lifting off his cock then sat back down.

“I tried to tell her no,” he admitted, “But she said their doctor had already examined her and told her husbands family she was a virgin, so she was free from suspicion!”

“She begged me,” he gasped as the older woman began to ride him, “I held her hips, then pushed the tip into her virgin pussy, her moan was exquisite.”

“I eased in, until she cried out,” he continued, “I pulled back, but she clawed my chest, bit her lip and pushed her pussy down past the obstruction.”

“Her eyes were wide as she took my full cock, tears began again,” he groaned as the woman fucking him bounced easily on his member, the pain of her own first time a long-forgotten experience.

“The girl relaxed as her pain subsided, then moved her body awkwardly at first, then faster,” he groaned urgently, “She began to cum, and I was close, but she sat down on me until I came inside her!”

“Urgh,” called out the older woman, “Come in me, like her!”

“Oh, shit yes,” the young man exclaimed as he drove his hips up, as he came inside her, pushing his thumb up her arse as far as it would go, making the older woman growl with another shuddering orgasm.

When she had recovered a little the older woman let his deflated cock plop out of her slushy pussy, she turned and asked, “How many times did you fuck her that night?”

“Four more, before she had to clean up ready to go to the airport,” he replied breathing heavily.

“Did you breed her?” she asked finally.

“I think so,” he responded, “I saw she had a baby boy it was in the newspapers.”

“Won’t they tell the difference?” she mused, “When a half-caste baby comes out?”

“I doubt it matters as much as her divorce,” the younger man replied, “Her new husband was caught with another guy in a public toilet, so the whole marriage has fallen apart, and she is coming back to the U.K. soon.”

“Oh,” said the woman, “So will I get to see my new great grandson?”

“Perhaps, Grandma,” the young man replied, “Now do you want me to clean you up?”

“No, Grandad, wants to do that,” she replied nonchalantly, “He’s been watching and wanking from the conservatory, you better let him clean you up too, you know keep him sweet!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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