Nick , Jay, In Service to Each Other Ch. 03

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All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Nick Woods is 27 years old, 6’1, tanned and toned Airman with brown eyes and close cropped brown hair. His cock is over 7 inches with reasonable thickness, he is vers/top.

Jason Murphy is 25 years old, 5’11, equally well build Airman with blue eyes and similar cut dark blond hair. His cock comes in at 6 and half inches and is very thick, he is vers/bottom.


We were on my bed, our tongues dancing in each others mouths. Jay had since moved on top of me, our shirts already on the floor. We were going at it for a while like a bunch of horny teenagers. Hands roaming all over, hips grinding into one another hard.

Finally Jay began moving lower. Starting with at my neck, nipping, licking, and sucking. Then he did the same to my chest, the right nipple first, then the left. He tried to continue his way down to my crotch and thats where I stepped in. I pulled him back up to me. I ran my tongue across his neck and up to his ear.

“I wanna 69.” I hissed, licking his lobe after, he just looked at me and smiled. We shuffled around, removing each others pants and underwear. I laid back, motioning for Jay to climb on top. He swung his left leg over and I was greeted with his stiff cock and balls hovering oh so close. I felt a shiver run through me as he grasped my shaft, slowly bringing his tongue from the base to the tip. I return the favor, running my tongue around the rim of his fat cock head, then bringing it up along the slit.

We continued to tease each other slowly. Jay was massaging my balls while his tongue traced my pulsing veins. I moved my mouth to his smooth sack, trying to match his hand with my mouth, while my hand gently stroked up and down the shaft. I could no longer stand the teasing, giving his sack a playful nibble.

I move my lips to his tip, savoring the taste of his sweet pre cum, taking his cock into my mouth. Slowly bringing him in half way before drawing off, my tongue pressed firm, running it side to side, holding just the head in my mouth as my tongue works all around it. Jay moans at the sensations running through him, taking a moment before remembering whats right in front of him.

As I began to take more of him into my mouth, reaching the back of my throat, I felt Jay steady my cock with his hand. He wasted little time as his lips slid along the entire length of my cock, moving his hand away as he reached the base. Holding me all the way in his throat for what felt like an eternity. He slowly came up, letting saliva ooze from his lips along the entire length. Jay began to bob his head, starting with slow strokes, letting his tongue writhe around as he went.

The feeling of Jays mouth combine with his cock in mine was incredible. I found myself with the urge to feel his cum shoot across my tongue and wasted little time. My hands moved around his thighs to grip his firm ass, I began to guide his hips inch after inch till his head worked into my throat and his balls were resting on my face.

With my hands still holding his amazing ass, fingers kneading flesh, I moved his hips in opposite time with my head bobbing up and down. Jay began to counter my timing. As his cock pushed into the back of my throat, my cock head was just on his lips. As he slides back out of my mouth, my cock slides into his. As we went along samsun escort like a seesaw I had a scathingly brilliant idea, we were positioned on my bed to where my right arm could reach my night stand.

Trying to keep up the rhythm as I reached my arm out, I found the knob and pulled open the drawer. Jay raised his head, turning to look back, “What are you doing back there?”

Removing his member from my mouth I call out from under him, “Just trust me.” I gave his ass a playful smack and my mouth returned to his gorgeous cock. My right hand shuffling around, I had to torque my arm a bit but finally my hand gripped the bottle of lube.

I was flying blind as my hands were working above Jay, popping the lid and slowly squeezing out a dollop of lube onto the index and middle finger of my right hand, all the while doing my best to maintain his cock bobbing in and out of my mouth. Thankfully I have always be adept at multi tasking.

At this point Jay knew what I was thinking and slowed the pace of his mouth. Working my cock slowly he steadied his hips in anticipation. My mouth now holding just the first few inches in, tongue shifting around the head. I grasp his ass cheek with my left hand and pull lightly to the side.

As my index finger drifts over his tight entrance I feel him shutter, his cock head pulsing even more in my mouth. I found his ass was shaved smooth just like his package, making it all the easier to get him nice and slick. Gently working the lube in and around his hole my finger slowly eases in. Jay let out a long low moan, reverberating through my shaft. I worked my finger in bit by bit, doing my best to be gentle. It was in no time that my finger was in to the knuckle. Jay raised his head from my cock, his hand stroking up and down he moaned again.

“More Nick, please.” His voice was dripping with a desperate lust. I felt him flex his ass around my finger and I was happy to oblige. At this point it was clear that Jay was not new to this by any means. I withdraw my finger slowly and reach for the lube again, with a fresh coat on I return my fingers to his hole.

First working in my middle finger a bit, soon I join my index finger back into his opening. I continue to take my sweet time, my two fingers almost half way in now. I feel him start to rise, his cock drawing out of my mouth as his ass pushes up into my hand, planting himself on my fingers all the way. I feel him begin to rock his hips lightly, then feel his mouth return to my cock.

Before you know it we’ve found ourselves back on the seesaw so to speak. Our cocks bobbing in and out of each others mouths, tongues savoring pre cum, lips stretching around the hot throbbing flesh as I began to match the pace of my hand to our mouths. Fingers sliding in and out as he flexed every time my knuckles reached his hole. Everything was reaching a fever pitch.

His hand was massaging my balls, his mouth working my cock more than ever he was pushing me to the limit. His cock was incredibly stiff and throbbing madly in my mouth as was his ass around my fingers.

He clenched tightly as I felt the first sweet taste of cum shoot into my mouth. His mouth ravaged my cock even more and in this incredible moment we shared I too let loose. We held each others cock head within our lips as my cum spilled into his waiting mouth, all the while savoring his salty sweet mix in mine. We held in place riding a wave of immense pleasure.

Mutually beginning to suck the last bit of cum from each other as I slowly withdrew my fingers from his quivering hole. Jay shifted his body around now straddling me, our faces finding each other. His eyes burned with passion, as I knew mine were. I found myself feeling like I never had before, in an instant I pulled him into me.

Our lips mashed together, our semi hard cocks pressed against each other, he ground himself into me as our tongues danced. Neither of us had swallowed yet so our cum was mixing around, making a mess of our faces, and spilling down my neck.

I pulled away slightly, drawing my tongue around and outside his lips collecting all I could. I swallowed the mix of our cum with a big satisfied gulp. Jay began to lap up all that had spilled out, his tongue attacking my face and neck to get every last drop he could.

Sitting up, Jay shifted his hips so now my cock was pressing into his crack. He ground back, teasing me before climbing off and standing up. Our faces were damp with cum and saliva, our cocks having rubbed against each other after our session were equally messy.

“I think we both could use a shower.” Jay said smiling, he began to turn and head towards the bathroom.

“I don’t recall saying I was finished with you yet.” I called out in a teasing manner. Jay stopped in the doorway, he looked back over his shoulder, “Who ever said I was finished with you?” He gave his ass a playful shake, then proceeded down the hall knowing full well that my eyes were locked on his rear. He swayed his hips back and forth enticing me to follow.

I raised myself off the bed, feeling my body tighten after so much time in such a position I stretched my arms up then back, easing the built up tension. As I entered the bathroom Jay had already hopped in the shower. I sliped through the curtain, right behind him, his body facing the shower head, hot water beating down his chest.

I slowly placed my hands on his hips, bringing my body against his, my hands moving around to his abs, up to his toned pecs. My breath hot on his ear as I give it a slight nibble, turning his head my tongue finds his cheek, tasting the lingering remnants of our love. I feel his left hand on mine, drawing me to his stiffening cock, his right hand reaching around to my ass, pulling me in tightly.

We touch and tease each other for several minutes before Jay finally grabs the soap. Handing it to me, I know just what he wants. I take my time lathering him up and scrubbing him down, fingers exploring every inch of his body, head to toe. He proceeds to return the favor, the feeling of another person exploring my body the way he did was incredible. He spend what felt like an eternity working over my rear, fingers sliding along my crack, tracing the rim, teasing me like I did to him earlier. I felt a twinge of sadness as his hands move upwards, away from my ass.

His hands around my waist, he pulled me in, kissing me deeply, a devilish look flashed across his eyes. “I wanna get dirty again, I wanna feel you from the inside.” His tongue writhed back into my mouth dancing with mine. Wanting to give him what he asked for I cut off the water and we dried each other off hurriedly.

I’d never felt like this before, it was a feeling I can’t put into words but everything we’ve done, everything we were about to do just felt so right. Jay practically ran to the bedroom, I followed close behind as he crawled onto the bed on all fours, his ass high in the air. He had no more interest in teasing and foreplay, I felt the same way.

Grabbing the lube I begin to get him ready, slowly working in two fingers, then building to a third. Its not too long until Jay is rocking back into my hand, moaning softly. I give his ass a playful smack before applying lube to myself, I slowly rub my head up and down his hole. “Please Nick just fuck me.” Jay hissed with a desperation that drove me wild.

I slowly press into him, his hole giving way, my cock head slides in. Jay reaches out for the headboard to stabilize himself, then I feel him slowly push back into me. My balls are soon resting against his as I bury myself to the hilt. I feel Jay flex his tight little ass around my cock and I knew he was ready.

I began to back out nice and slow, leaving in just the tip before sliding back in a bit quicker. I built up more speed with each stroke but Jays lust wouldn’t wait anymore. Still gripping the headboard he began to rock back and forth at a quicken pace, seeing his desperation to get fucked I took a greater hold of his hips.

“God just fuck me hard already!” He cried out. I gave his ass a nice smack and began to thrust hard, not fast, just hard. I began a steady pounding rhythm, our flesh audibly smacking together. Every thrust had Jay letting out a moan, while I would let out a grunt. The pace was beginning to build and Jay dropped his hand from the headboard and proceeded to fall into the pillows. I drove my cock into him while he was face down ass up, fingers clawing at the sheets, I was a man possessed.

After several minutes of raw animalistic fucking I could feel myself approaching the edge and had to imagine Jay was right there with me. I thrust once more and held myself inside him. Taking a moment to catch my breath then bending over him to whisper in his ear.

“I want to see your face when I make you cum.” With that I slowly withdraw myself from him and he flips over on his back. I take a quick moment to apply a bit more lube and then move into position. Jay gives me a little tease as he slowly spreads his legs for me. My cockhead lines up with his waiting ass, and after a few long slow thrusts I begin to pick up the pace. His hands are running all over my body as I drive into him. I lean in close, our tongues finding each other eagerly, Jay moans, his hands running all over my body.

I can feel the edge approaching. I’m cradling his neck with my left hand and with my right I reach down and begin to stroke and massage his cock and balls. I look deeply into his eyes, he’s biting his lower lip, and I let loose.

I plunge all the way into him, my cock buried deep as I let go a torrent of cum, filling up his hot ass. I feel him stiffen as he explodes in between us, shooing all over our stomachs and chests. We hold in ecstasy, riding that incredible wave as our orgasms ripple through each other. Finally coming down I slowly withdraw from him, my cum spilling from his ass onto the sheets. I draw my fingers along his stomach, scooping up some of his cum and bringing it to my lips. We kiss, once again sharing the delicious cum with each other. I fall into his arms and we just lay there completely satisfied and spent.

Jay must have woken at some point to cover us with the blanket as I awoke wrapped up with him under the covers. I was slipping out of the bed to hit the bathroom and felt Jay grab my hand. Looking back he just squeezed my hand and gave me a smile. It was a moment that made me feel like I could settle down with Jay, build a life, love him forever. I squeezed back, leaning down I kissed him…

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