“PLAYING THE GAME” By Maximus Addams

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“PLAYING THE GAME” By Maximus AddamsAll I could think about as his fat cock slammed the back of my throat was, “This had better be worth it.” Up and down I slid my freshly painted lips on his thick shaft. He was hung like a can of soda. His cock wasn’t long, about 5 inches or so, kind of average in my experience, but it was one of the thickest I’d ever seen. My jaw was stretched to the max trying to get my mouth around it. I felt his wiry pubes brushing against my nose and tickling my nostrils as his hairy balls slapped against my chin.“Oh, yeah,” he moaned. “Good girl. Suck my dick.” I hummed and moaned a little on his shaft as I dug my fingernails into the knees of his pleated dress pants. He let out a low, slow moan and began thrust his pelvis back and forth. I gagged a little but kept at it hoping he was near climax. I could taste the salty precum easing out the top of his cock. His rhythm increased. He was straight-up fucking my face now. I felt his chubby, round hand fall to the back of my head and lock onto the bun of my dark, blond hair. I moved my hands up his thighs and flattened my hands around the base of his soda-can cock.“Oh, yeah,” he moaned again, now pulling on my hair as he pumped my face hard. “I think we’re going to have a good working relationship here,” he chuckled and followed it with another deep moan. I made a humming, moaning noise of agreement as I watched his fat belly jiggle underneath his white button-up shirt. His red power-tie was thrown over his shoulder, its point a bright contrast to the black leather office chair that creaked and whined under the weight of our movements. I glanced up at him from down on my knees. Our eyes locked and I quickly looked away. I saw myself in the office mirror. My polka-dotted, slinky, black and white tube dress clung tightly to my small frame. My big tits hung out the top and bounced around as I watched my head bobbing up and down on his crotch. I could clearly see this fat, old asshole shoving his pecker down my throat and grinning all the time. I looked myself in the eyes, but, again, quickly looked away.“Yeah, baby. Look at me,” he said. I let my eyes drift back to his face and watched his double chin waddle with each thrust. He grinned even wider. “You like my big dick, baby?” he asked. “You like the way my cock tastes?” I moaned again in agreement and closed my eyes. I couldn’t look at him any more than that. “Say it, baby. Tell me how much you love sucking my fat cock,” he coaxed me. I agreed with a louder moan, not stopping my sucking. I didn’t want to stop. I wanted him to cum already. I didn’t care if he came in my mouth. I just wanted him to cum so this could be over. I let my right hand grab and start to stroke his dick while I grabbed and tugged on his balls with my left. He moaned loud in approval.“No,” he said. “Say it! Tell me how much you like sucking my big dick!” he commanded. “I thought you wanted to be an actress.” I pulled his dick from my mouth with a loud slurping-suction sound. “I love sucking your big, fat cock, Mr. Devlin. It’s so big and fat. I can barely fit it in my little mouth,” I said with the coyness of a schoolgirl. I fondled and pulled at his balls and jacked his cock so hard my forearm began to burn.“Oh, that’s nice,” he said. He smiled wide and hunched forward. “Are you ready for some cum?” he asked.“Oh, god, yeah,” I said. “Oh, god, yeah,” I thought. Let this be over with. I looked him in his eyes and continued to stroke his shaft.“You fucking want my cum, baby?” he asked.“Yes,” I said. “ I want you to cum in my mouth.” With that, his eyes widened. His forehead wrinkled and his receding hairline moved forward. It was about to happen. His legs tightened and his balls rose up against his body. I went back down on his prick to catch all his jizz in my mouth. I wasn’t that interested in eating his cum, I just didn’t want to mess up my make-up or my dress. I also didn’t want to do the whole “walk of shame” thing, past the receptionist and out the front door, covered in jizz. Having to suck this old, out-of-shape douchebag’s soda-can cock was already humiliating enough, but this was Melvin Devlin: star-maker. “This will all be worth it,” I thought to myself. He was close now. The precum was really flowing now. His wide hips thrusting, he pulled my hair tight into his fist. His groans grew louder. My chin was pushed deep into his ball-sack.The office door swung open and a tall, slender man in a dark-blue suit and a bright-orange tie strolled in. The thrusting stopped. I sat up, wiping the dripping spit from my chin. I started to get up from between Devlin’s legs, all at once trying to straighten my dress and güvenilir bahis hide my tits. But his fat, right hand rested on my shoulder and lowered me back down while his other hand waved his dick back forth. “You’re not done, babe,” he grinned and pulled my top back down. “Saxon!” he yelled looking over at the tall man. “You bastard. You know I’m interviewing the new talent in here,” he added with an heir of false hostility. “Indeed, I do, Mel,” he said smiling wide, unbuttoning his jacket and taking a seat on the couch next to the desk. “Indeed, I do,” he repeated, rubbing his large, thin, tanned hands across his crotch. “Who’s this then?” he asked gesturing to me. I was still on my knees with my hands resting on my thighs with my tits hanging out the top of my dress. We all squared a round of awkward smiles and nods.“Well, thank you for seeing me today, but I think I should probably get going,” I suggested, finally able to say something.“Nonsense, Ms. Nuvau,” Devlin replied. “Saxon here is a great judge of talent. Show him what you got. Besides we’re almost done here,” he said waving his cock in my face again.“Yes, Ms. Nuvau,” Saxon said with another grin. “Don’t let me interrupt.” Before I could say anything Devlin’s hand pushed me down on his cock, stretching my now very sore jaw wide again. I felt his shaft slam the back of my throat.“She’s fucking good, man. She’s been letting me face-fuck her for half-an-hour. She’s relentless,” he boasted.“Really?” asked Saxon. “And you still haven’t busted a nut?” he laughed.“I was about to when you burst in,” he scolded. “Wasn’t I, babe?” he asked me pulling my head back a little to look me in the eyes. I moaned in agreement as I continued to slurp on his dick.“Sorry, buddy, but the way she’s gagging on you now, it should take long to get back there.” Saxon sat back on the couch and spread out. He was smiling from ear to ear. It was obvious that this was getting him hot. There was an obvious bulge in the crotch of his pant, a massive one at that. I turned my attention back to Devlin and intensified my attack. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to make a guy cum as much as I wanted him to cum right now. I closed my eyes and let my lips stroke his fat dick. Faster. More suction. I grabbed his balls. I stroked his dick while I sucked him. I wanted him to cum. God, please cum.I felt something warm and soft touch my face. I moved my hand instinctively to brush it away but it sprung back again and slapped my cheek. I opened my eyes to see Saxon stroking his cock about an inch from my face. He had it, balls and all, jutting out from his zipper. My eyes shot up at him. He smiled a wide, white smile.“Well, go on, Ms. Nuvau,” he said with a chuckle. “It’s not gonna suck itself.” I looked at Devlin who was also smiling wide.“He’s right, you know?” he said and let out his own little chuckle.“Both of you?” I asked. “Mr. Devlin, I really want to work with you, and Mr. Saxon, but…”“Look, sweetie,” he interrupted. “This is how things work in this town. You give us something, we give you something. Everybody is happy. You think Martha Dinero get where she is without sucking a few cocks? That bitch’s knees are black and blue with how many times she’s took one for the part. I know because I’ve busted a few nuts inside her ass myself, back when she was still hot.” He ran his fingers over my cheek and brushed some of my blond hair from my face. “Besides, this is all between us. No one’s gonna know anything about it. Right, Greg?” he asked not taking his eyes off of me.“I won’t say a word,” Saxon said placing his free hand on his chest. “Not a word,” he repeated. Their firm was the biggest in the city. Devlin was right. This is where Martha Dinero got her start. I loved her movies as a k**, but it never crossed my mind, not once, that this is what she had to do to make it. I imagined Devlin’s fat, bald, old-ass body lying atop of her and it made me cringe. But she did it. She did what she had to. It was just like the line from her film ”Hollywood Starshine” where she said, “This world is hard. You’ve just got to be harder.” I always loved that line, but I didn’t really understand it until recently. I knew now.When I left my basement apartment that morning, I knew. I’d known since that dirtbag Lance Logan tried to get me to suck him off to star in one of his low-budget, horror flicks. It took a long line of indecent proposals, insinuations, and out-right solicitation from almost every agent, director, or producer I’d met since I’d had moved to the city, but I’d figured it out now. That’s just how things work. You got to play the game. This wasn’t a game, though. This wasn’t Lance Logan güvenilir bahis siteleri or any of the other wannabes I’d rejected. This was the 23rd story offices of Devlin and Saxon Model and Talent Agency. This is the place that made Martha “Fucking” Dinero! I knew I was going to do whatever it took. I wasn’t going home rejected. Not today. This wasn’t what I wanted. But, if I didn’t do this, I was on my way back home. Just like mom said. Just like they all said. I didn’t want that either. Make it or break it, baby. Time to get into character.I looked at Devlin and then up at Saxon, both of whom were both grinning with the smiles of wolves and stroking their cocks.“What’d you say, Ms. Nuvau?” Saxon asked bouncing his long, hard dick up and down in front of my face. “I came here to be an actress and that’s what I was going to do. They want a show? I’ll give them a show,” I thought.I grabbed both of their cocks, let out my best “close-up” smile, and swallowed Saxons big, hard dick. It wasn’t as fat as Devlin’s, but it was much longer, about eight inches to be sure. I let it slide down my throat and Saxon let out a long, deep moan.“Goddann, Ms. Nuvau. That’s fucking amazing,” he bellowed. I slid his long prick slowly out of my mouth with a loud slurping sound and said, “You haven’t seen anything yet, big boy.” I stood up and cinched up my dress and let my panties fall to the carpet where the freshly made indentures of my knees still sat. The two stared at me in shocked disbelief as I backed down onto Devlin and his huge cock. His shaft stretched my tight, shaved pussy wide and I came instantly, all the while still stroking Saxon’s long prick. Devlin grabbed me by my tiny waist and started thrusting his dick in and out of me as I bounced and writhed upon it. Saxon stepped closer and, putting his hand on the back of my head, slid his long dick down my throat again and again. Faster and harder they both fucked me. Both men groaned and moaned as I sucked and fucked them both with everything I had. Saxon’s balls slapped my chin while Devlin’s balls slapped my clit. I moaned. I groaned. I yelled, “Yes! Give me those big dicks! Fuck me! Fuck the shit out of me!” I could feel to intensity rising. Their grips on me tightened. Their moans deepened and their breathing grew deeper and faster. Their legs stiffened as the momentum grew.Devlin was first. He let out a louder, low moan.“Oh, shit,” he said. “Oh, shit. Oh, shit.” I jumped off of him and wrapped my mouth around his fucking cock and slurped on it hard. His hot jizz shot into my mouth, my hand stroking his shaft as my head bobbed up and down. As the last of his cum drained from his balls and down my throat, I went down on his dick as far as I could, stopped and sucked him, making sure to get every drop of his salty seed, all the while still stroking Saxon’s long, throbbing cock. I let Devlin’s dick slide from my mouth and shoved my tongue deep into his pee-hole, licking out any semen that was left.“Goddamn, baby! Fuck!” Devlin squealed, stiffened, and then slumped into him chair panting. I turned to Saxon, cum and spit dripping from my chin.“You got a load for me?” I asked as I wrapped my thumb and forefinger around the base of his dick and stroked his long pecker as fast as I could. “C’mon, you bastard. Squirt that load,” I commanded him. “Spray it all over me. C’mon, give me that fucking cum!”Saxon’s jaw dropped and his eyes rolled back in his head. He slung his brown, feathered-haired head back and began to grunt, thrusting his hips back and forth in sync with my stroking.“Here it comes, baby!” he moaned and jerked his rod away from me and jacked it toward my face. He grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my head back with a hard jerk as streams of his hot, white jizz splattered all over me. Rope after rope of cum splattered across my make-up smeared face. I leaned over and put his balls in my mouth as the last dribbles of jizz dripped out of his long, hard dick. He exhaled hard and let his arms fall to his sides. I grabbed his cock and stroked it as continued to suck on his balls. I slid my tongue along his shaft and deep-throated it one last time, making sure to hold it down my throat for a full ten seconds. As I pulled myself off of his now softening cock, Saxon stumbled back a fell on the couch, eyes wide and panting. Devlin was still slumped in his plush, black leather office chair, spit and cum dripping from his balls, onto the seat, and onto the beige carpet. The office was quiet, except for our panting and moans of ecstasy. Then, in perfect unison, we all let out a collective laugh of relief and release. Devlin, leaning forward, helped iddaa siteleri me to my feet, grabbed both cheeks of my ass firmly, and kissed my belly. He looked up at me and smiled.“Nice, work,” he said. He patted me on the ass. “You’re going to go far here. What do you think, Greg?”“Oh, yeah,” Greg panted. “Very far,” he said placing his forearm over his eyes. His big dick was still hanging out of his pants and throbbing, every purple vein could be seen clearly in the fluorescent light of the overhead lamps. I could feel his massive load making its way down my face and neck. I looked down at my big, firm tits. They glistened with semen and saliva. My nipples were hard. Devlin patted my ass one last time.“Go clean yourself up,” he said pointing to the bathroom in his office. “There are clean towels in the cabinet. I smiled at them and made my way to the bathroom, turned on the light, and closed the door behind me. I turned on the faucet and looked into the mirror. My face was covered in so much cum I looked as if I had been hit in the face by a cream pie, like form some old black-and-white movie. My hair was wet with sweat and stuck to my face and neck. My make-up was so smeared I looked like some kind of drunken clown. I reeked of jizz and freshly fucked pussy.I grabbed a rag that hung by the sink, wet it, and began to wipe their shit from my face. Once I had cleared away Saxon’s spunk from my face and wiped my pussy clean of Devlin’s jizz, I ran my fingers through my hair and straightened it as best I could. I wiped off my tits and pulled my strapless bra back up into place, as well as my thoroughly stained polka-dotted dress. After realizing I had left my panties on the floor by the desk, I made one last attempt to make myself presentable. I turned off the light, I opened the bathroom door. Devlin and Saxon were not there. Instead, the tall, thin receptionist who had greeted me when I first arrived stood in the middle of the office holding a clipboard. She smiled wide at me as I moved slowly back into the office, feeling confused and unsure as to what was happening.“Where’s Mr….,” I began but was cut off by the receptionist’s chipper voice.“Unfortunately, both Mr. Devlin and Mr. Saxon had a meeting, but they asked me to thank you for coming today and that they will be in touch if the right opportunity for you becomes available.” She smiled again, wider than before.“But they were just…” I was cut off again.“Yes, they asked me to apologize for leaving so abruptly, but, they told me to tell you that they were very impressed with your performance and to thank you for coming today.” Somehow she managed to smile even wider. I tried my best to smile back and began to walk toward the office door, looking about the room for my missing panties. The receptionist followed behind trying to see what I was looking for. “Oh, yes,” she said, perkily, as if she had just remembered something that had slipped her mind. “I believe these are yours,” she said holding up my still wet panties out on the tip of a ball-point pen. Her smile wasn’t quite as wide as she motioned for me to take the dangling panties from its perch. I reached out, took them, and balled them up into the palm of my hand. I took one last look around the office, half-expecting Devlin or Saxon to be hiding behind something, waiting to jump out and explain to her that this wasn’t what it looked like. But, the room was silent.“Well, tell them that I said thanks for seeing me,” I said opening the door and stretching out my arm to shake her hand. Her smile faded and her eyebrows lifted as she looked at my hand and then to me.“I’m sure they’ll be in touch,” she said, smiling again. “The exit is just through there,” she said pointing down the hall. “Thanks, again,” she repeated. I walked through the lobby of the high-rise office not looking up from the floor as if I was studying the patterns of long rectangles, small triangles, and large ovals on the carpet beneath my feet. The elevator doors slid open just as I walked up to them. I slunk onto it and hit the button for the building lobby. As I turned I could see the receptionist through the still-open door to Devlin’s office with paper towels and a spray-bottle in her rubber-gloved hands spraying and wiping down his desk and chair. The doors slid closed in front of me as I felt the elevator sink downward. I could see my blurred image in the brushed metal doors. I stared at it, unable to make out my own reflection. I could still smell the cum on me, their’s and mine. My jaw was sore and my knees were bruised. I hung my head as the elevator made its way down to the bottom of the building.“It was worth it,” I said to myself. “It will all be worth it.” I knew that I had to believe that. I heard Martha Dinero in my head, “This world is hard. You’ve just got to be harder.” I knew I could do whatever it took to make my dreams a reality. I was harder now.End

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