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Rose sighed as she closed the door to the apartment. She leaned against it and closed her eyes, taking a deep breath. That had been the longest shift of her life, time had seemed to stop as if she’d been trapped in the event horizon of some cosmic black hole. Now that she was home maybe she could sort out what had happened in some peace and quiet.

Then she heard noise from the kitchen and realized there would be no such luck. She sighed. Her roomie was still up.

“Hey Julia,” she called out.

A blonde head poked out around the corner with a grin.

“Oh, hey! I thought I heard the door. I’m just making some popcorn. You hungry?” the grin asked, and then popped back around the doorframe.

Rose put her purse in the closet and put her keys on the hook by the door before meandering down the short hallway to the kitchen entry. She leaned against the frame to see Julia bouncing around in cotton shorts and a tanktop, waiting for the microwave. Rose’s eyes lingered on Julia’s tight bum longer than what would be considered normal. She caught little peeks of the blonde’s pert cheeks through the bottoms of the shorts as she moved. Rose rubbed her eyes. What was she thinking?

“Why are you still up? It’s almost midnight.”

Julia glanced at Rose over her shoulder and shrugged. “I dunno, couldn’t sleep. Figured you’d be home soon, so it was better to stay up and say hi then try to settle down and be awakened by the door.”

It was Rose’s turn to shrug. “Makes sense. At least this way I don’t have to apologize for waking you. How was your day?”

The microwave beeped and Julia opened the door. She took out a paper bag and shook it before tearing it open and pouring the fresh popcorn into a big bowl. She snagged a couple of pieces and popped them in her mouth, swallowing before answering.

“It was okay. I kind of just moped around. Went for a run in the park, stared at the sky. Wondered if I should call him, then decided against it and did another lap. No biggie.”

Rose nodded. Julia had just broken up with her boyfriend for the umpteenth time, and she was hoping that this time it would stick. He’d been with another girl and friends had texted her pictures to prove it.

“I was just about to start a movie, come sit with me?”

Rose shrugged. Given the state she was in, she didn’t really want to be around anyone. But Julia was her bestie, and had been having a tough time. “Let me get out of these clothes and grab a shower.”

“Hurry up. I’m pushing play, so you have until the previews are done or I start without you,” Julia teased, tossing a piece of popcorn at her. Rose swatted it away and laughed.

“I’ll catch up when I get the restaurant out of my hair,” she said.

She headed off to her room to strip out of the white blouse and black pants that she had to wear for work. Rose peeled off her white bra and panties, tossing them into the hamper before grabbing a towel and making her way to the bathroom naked. She and Julia had never been that hung up on nudity or their bodies, she didn’t usually think twice about it. But this time she glanced over at the couch nervously, and was relieved to see Julia was preoccupied with getting the DVD started. She didn’t think that it would be possible to see how wet her pussy was, but you could never be too careful.

Rose closed the bathroom door and hung up her towel before starting the shower. She took the clips out of her bouncy red hair to let it out of the confining ponytail the restaurant had required of her. She massaged her scalp and let the scarlet locks roll free. Now that she was alone the images from earlier that night came crashing back into her mind’s eye. It didn’t help that she was in a bathroom, and that was where it had happened. But at least she had some privacy.

She thought back over her night. It wasn’t going away, so she might as well try to make sense of it.


It had been like any other night at the restaurant to start. She’d been bustling between her tables: taking orders, refilling drinks and serving plates. It was a busy night, being Saturday, but nothing she couldn’t handle.

Then, she was given one of the booth tables. Two women had come in for dinner; a brunette and a dirty blonde. She raised an eyebrow about the pair. For one thing, they were a bit mismatched. The brunette had dark hair in a fashionable bob and she was dressed in a top-of-the-line summer dress in black and grey, with stylish strappy heels. She had the physique of the usual trophy wives: the sculpted look of someone who went to spin classes, yoga, pilates, and stuck to fashionable diets. Everything about her posture and clothes said “high class.” She fit in with the usual clientele.

But the shorter blonde didn’t fit. She was more down to earth. Round hips and broad shoulders, an off-the-rack coral dress from a department store. Cute but not expensive. Her hair was cut short, almost boyish without being butch. The wide-eyed way she looked around the place indicated that escort beşiktaş she’d never been there, but more, that she wasn’t used to fancy places.

Puzzles like that always stuck in Rose’s mind. She liked trying to figure people out, imagining their stories, coming up with explanations. Perhaps they were college friends, and they had different lifestyles but had gotten together for dinner? But that didn’t fit really well, as the brunette seemed maybe a few years younger, though it was hard to tell. They weren’t sisters, but maybe cousins?

The next time she went to their table, to drop off drinks, Rose thought maybe that was more likely. They sat side by side in the booth, close together, instead of across from one another like casual friends or business associates or a first date. It was a more intimate setting, almost hip to hip. That meant close friends, family, or intimates.

Over the course of the evening she stole glances when she could. Puzzles always stuck with her. The way they looked at one another, laughed, it was more than acquaintances for sure. But it didn’t seem cousinly, either. Rose turned it over in the back of her mind while getting her other customers what they needed.

At one point she glanced over, seeing motion, and saw the shorter one getting up. Probably the bathroom, maybe a phone call. The brunette caught her eye and gestured for her to come over. She nodded, finished setting a plate down at the table she was serving, and headed over.

“Anything I can get you?” she smiled.

The stylish woman put her elbows on the table, folded her hands so her chin could sit on them and smiled back. “Oh, I don’t know. We were thinking you could bring over dessert when my friend returns from the bathroom. Tiramisu?”

“No problem. Did you want coffee with that?”

“Yes, please. I intend to be up late, fucking her senseless. Do you think she’s pretty? She thought you were cute.”

The casual, almost off-hand way the woman made her comments meant they didn’t sink in at first. Then Rose had to blink and blush. “Pardon?”

“My friend and I have been enjoying a day of sensual exploration. She ate my pussy this morning, and I’ve been taking her all over the place ever since. Her bed. The car. The mall. I intended to do it again, here, but she wanted to eat and get her strength up. But she mentioned you were cute, and I wondered what you thought of her?”

Rose’s ears and brain buzzed. She fought to keep her voice and face calmly professional but it was an effort not to blush. Years of practice had let her endure rude customers, gropey guys and bad manners with a calm smile, but no one had ever spoken quite like this before.

“Uh, well, thank you for the compliment, but is there anything you need from the menu?”

The elegant woman smiled. “Aren’t you the dutiful employee? You must be well-trained. But set that facade aside for just the moment. Answer the question. Is my friend pretty?”

Rose glanced around but no one was paying them any particular attention. She felt nerves anyway, and rubbed her fingertips along the side of her neck. There was something compelling about this woman’s blatant talk and casual yet intense attitude. She thought about the stocky woman with the short, dirty blonde hair. She wasn’t elegant like her friend, but she had a pretty face, with a lovely smile. Her breasts were full and round. A natural beauty more than a refined look.

“Sure, she’s pretty.”

“You should see her with a mouthful of pussy,” the other woman said. “She’s a work of art, then. If you’d like to take a look, I’ll have her lick me after dinner, in the bathroom.”

“I couldn’t…”

The woman smiled again. “Just think about it. Either way, your tip tonight is going to be generous. Thank you for indulging my questions.”

She raised an eyebrow and nodded at something over Rose’s shoulder. Rose looked back and saw the other woman returning from the restroom. Rose nodded at the customer and then turned and walked away. She brushed past the one with the dirty blonde hair on the way, and offered a

smile, hoping to mask the confusion that was boiling in her brain. The woman gave a polite, almost shy smile back, and Rose doubted that she even suspected the things her friend had been saying. That made her even more confused, and she retreated to the back of the restaurant.

Rose went to the employee bathroom and washed her face and hands, taking several deep breaths to clear her head. What was that about? She’d never been asked questions like that. The fact that it was a woman was really surprising, too. She had dealt with handsy guys and gropey customers in her life, but not someone who spoke seductively, confidently and calmly about things no ordinary person would say.

The idea of it, the two women about to go into the bathroom for sex, that was crazy. Rose was sure it happened, you heard stories, but no one had ever blatantly just told her they were about to do it. What was she supposed eskort istanbul to do about it? Tell the manager? Was it against the law or anything? Two consenting adults, it was none of her business, was it?

There was another option, she thought. She could go take a peek. If anything untoward was happening, she could report it. But so far as she knew, the brunette had just been talking. She shook her head and laughed at herself. Take a peek? Did part of her want to see what it was like?

Rose was straight, she’d only ever had boyfriends. She was putting herself through grad school, and had never done anything silly with other girls in the dorms, the way you heard stories. It hadn’t come up, or if there had been opportunities she hadn’t noticed. Taking a peek couldn’t hurt, could it?

She chewed her lip, and tried to forget about it. She went back to her tables and made sure everyone had what they needed, and took an order back to the kitchen. Then, on her next lap of the restaurant, she saw the two women at their table. They were finishing up dessert. The brunette caught her eye and smiled, waving a credit card. Rose nodded in response and went to get the portable machine to take it to the table.

They paid and got up to go. Rose started to walk away, and then realized they were headed for the rest room. Was the brunette serious? Was she luring her friend into the bathroom for sex? Rose felt a tingle up her spine. What should she do? She had a sense of urgency, but she couldn’t tell if it was alarm or arousal.

She glanced around and then headed towards the bathroom after a moment’s hesitation. Her hand trembled as she lifted it to turn the doorknob. Rose took a deep breath and opened it part way, just enough to slip inside, hoping no one would notice.

The one with the dirty blonde hair was on her knees right by the door, beside the sink. She was holding the hips of the brunette, to pull her mound against her face. The brunette had one hand in the blonde’s hair, and the other was holding the skirt of her dress out of the way. She was really doing it! She was eating the brunette’s pussy!

The one on the floor seemed startled as Rose entered, and immediately dropped her hands from the brunette’s body, like she was embarrassed. Rose was embarrassed too, but instead of leaving, found herself locking the door so no one would interrupt them.

The brunette twisted her fingers in her friend’s hair, tugging her against her slit. The blonde blushed noticeably, but resumed licking. Rose could actually hear her tongue in the juices. Fuck, that was dirty… and arousing! Rose couldn’t believe it, but it was affecting her. She leaned against the wall to watch, finding herself fascinated. The blonde one kept stealing glances up at Rose, and it seemed to make her lick more urgently. Rose had to admit that was hot.

She bit her lip, feeling her heartbeat speed up. Her pussy was getting wet, which astounded her. Rose blushed a bit, but the two women were so caught up in their moment that they were hardly paying her any attention. She decided to do something about the heat in her centre, so she unbuttoned her pants and slid her hand into her panties. Her clit was so hard, and it felt so good to start stroking it while she watched the women.

The one with the cute, dirty blonde hair was really getting into it, rooting into her friend’s pussy, licking feverishly. The taller one grabbed hold of her head in both hands, making soft, hot noises. It seemed like she was trying to keep her responses quiet, and couldn’t quite do it. Rose couldn’t stop looking. She realized the brunette’s mound was hairless, she must shave or wax, and she wondered what that felt like. The blonde as licking and suckling so hungrily, it couldn’t be that bad. Rose blushed at her thoughts, and stroked her clit faster.

The blonde grabbed hold of the brunette’s taut ass and held her tight to her mouth as she started to tense up and shake with orgasm. This inspired Rose, and she slid two fingers into her pussy, grinding her clit and shaking. She was almost there, almost… She tried so hard not to make a sound as small orgasm shook her. Rose leaned against the door and tried to breathe.

The women were spent, too. The brunette was half bent over, and the blonde was caressing her legs. She had stopped licking, but juices were noticeable on her face. Dreamily, Rose wondered what they tasted like. The blonde looked over at her and blushed. Rose felt a shiver.

“Hope you enjoyed the show,” the brunette said, once she caught her breath. She winked lasciviously at Rose.

Rose could hardly think. She said the first thing that popped into her mind. “You ladies come back anytime.”

She looked down on the blonde, who was still sitting so nicely, her lips glistening with pussy juice. Rose found that she was indeed a work of art while she was licking pussy. She waved goodbye to her, shyly, wishing she knew her name, and then slipped out of the room. She still had to escort kağıthane work.


Rose hadn’t been able to stop thinking about it since, and she hadn’t had any opportunities to make sense of it or stop the itch it had created in her pussy and in her brain. She’d been aroused, and with no relief. She had been hoping Julia would be asleep so she could just sneak off to her room and masturbate, and then maybe think about why two women had aroused her so much.

Instead, she was showering quickly and committed to watching a movie. Rose sighed. She was still a little wet. The one with the dirty blonde hair had been licking her friend so enthusiastically that it made Rose curious. She’d never tasted pussy before, not even her own. Now, in the privacy of her bathroom, she had an impulse. She rubbed her fingers along her slit, feeling the juices there, and lifted them to her mouth.

Before she could change her mind, she plunged them into her lips and sucked. Rose blushed, closing her eyes, and examined the taste. It was hard to compare it to anything she knew. There was a salty quality, probably from being hot and sweaty all evening, but also a liquid sweetness, like a fruit. Being warm it threw her off, usually fruit was cold, but like peach pie or something.

It was certainly not gross or anything, and she had felt like even contemplating it before would have been dirty. But the blonde’s enjoyment of it had affected her.

She finished the shower and dried off, going to her room to pull on fresh panties, shorts and a t-shirt. It was a hot enough night, she didn’t want proper pajamas. Rose went back out to the living room and plunked down on the couch beside her friend. Julia glanced at her, smiled, and then gave her attention back to the screen.

The movie had already started. Luckily it was one that Rose had already seen before, Mean Girls, so it wasn’t hard to catch up. It was Julia’s “go-to” movie for a rainy, bad or dull day. They constantly quoted from it and riffed on its scenes. Rose grabbed a handful of popcorn and munched, settling in to watch and relax.

“So how was work?” Julia asked after a bit.

Rose shrugged and sighed. “It was work.”

Julia raised an eyebrow. “Okay.”

“What?” Rose almost laughed.

“You came in like someone had been chasing you or something,” Julia giggled. “Something happen?”

Rose scoffed. “No, not at all. I just took the stairs.” She said it like Julia was crazy, and laughed.

“Oooookay,” Julia laughed too. “Sorry I asked.”

She tossed a handful of popcorn at Rose, who had to giggle again. Instead of throwing it back, she munched on some of the ones that landed on her, making her roomie chuckle. They went back to the movie.

“You’re in a pretty good mood for someone who just got dumped,” Rose observed at the next slow spot.

Julia shrugged and wrinkled her nose. “Yeah, but we’ve broken it off before. It was probably inevitable. It’s not like I thought we’d get married or anything. He’s a jerk.”

Rose laughed. Julia was a naturally exuberant person, and even her boyfriend cheating on her hadn’t seemed to dent that energy.

“So why were you with him anyway, then?” Rose inquired. She’d always kind of wondered.

Julia blushed a little. “Honestly, it’s so shallow. He’s really good in bed. Terrible personality, but boy could he lick pussy!”

It was Rose’s turn to blush. “Thanks for that image,” she teased.

Julia laughed. “Sorry, but it’s the truth! He’s the only guy that ever got me to an orgasm.”

“Guy?” Rose asked.

“Huh?” Julia responded.

“You said, ‘guy that ever got me to an orgasm.’ Did anyone else ever?”

Julia giggled. “Ohhhh! Yeah, no. I’ve never been with a girl.” Her eyes widened and she looked at Rose. “Have you?”

Rose giggled back. “No!” But she blushed.

“Something happened, tell me!” Julia hit her with one of the throw pillows, laughing.

Rose held up her hands as a shield, laughing. “Nothing really happened, it was just a thing at the restaurant.”

“What thing?”

Rose shrugged. “I caught two customers in the washroom.”

“Doing what?” Julia gasped. “Tell me everything!”

“Well… it was two women, out for dinner.” Rose tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and held the throw pillow, hugging it.

“Wow, seriously? So what did they do?”

“Well, one of them was licking the other’s pussy. She was really into it, probably like your ex, and the other woman had an orgasm…”

Julia laughed. “Wow, that’s crazy, in a public bathroom like that! I mean, that takes guts…”

She paused, and looked at her roommate seriously, raising her eyebrow. “Wait a second, what were you doing in the public bathroom? You use the one for staff. How do you know she had an orgasm? How long were you watching?”

Rose blushed a deep red and hid her face in the pillow.

Julia pushed her playfully. “Shut up, you went in there to watch, didn’t you?”

Rose blushed redder and peeked out, nodding. “Yeah, one of them told me she was going to make the other one do it. My curiosity got the better of me.”

Julia laughed. “Honestly, it would get me too. I would want to see, just to say that I’d looked once. What was it like?”

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