Sweet Revenge

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This is my second story. It has been a while since my last story. I hope you all enjoy this and any feedback would be appreciated.


Brad and I had been together for a month or so and both of us decided that we should be exclusive. I was one of the happiest girls on this planet until one night all of that changed.

Brad’s birthday had arrived and I had planned on taking him out to dinner and from there we would go bar hopping for drinks and dancing. Then we would go back to his place for an evening of excitement. All day I prepared for the evenings events. As I took a shower I thought tonight would be perfect. I felt my body tingle with anticipation.

The water was cascading down my body as I lathered up my hands to run across my nipples. They were already starting to get hard at the thoughts of dancing close to Brad feeling his cock pressed up to me knowing how eager he was to get me home to ravish my body. My hands worked their way down between my legs, my finger brushing up against my clit, chills moved up and down my body. I reached for my razor so that I could be cleanly shaven, as I know Brad likes this very much. I notice that my pussy was starting to get moist.

With my pussy freshly shaved I lathered the rest of my body making sure each inch was clean and fresh. I stepped out of the shower and gently dried my body off. As I rubbed the towel across and down my body I thought of Brad and what this night held. I noticed the tingling in my pussy had not subsided.

After spraying Brad’s favorite perfume onto my body I put on my pair of blue g-strings, the ones with the heart holding the tiny straps together. Brad loves seeing a woman in very short skirts and tight tops so after I put my black fish net stockings on I slowly stepped into his favorite skirt that stops just below my tight ass. The top I chose for the night show cleavage, see I wanted to make sure I teased him all night long. I decided not to wear a bra so that he would see my hard perky nipples through the silk fabric.

Once ready I called Brad to see if he was home but received no answer, so I decided to drive up to his place and meet him there. I waited out side his house for a while when finally he came porno izle down, he said to me “I am sorry but I have already eaten.” I was a little upset with this but thought hey we still have the rest of the night. We walked into the bar that was right next to his apartment for our first of many drinks. I noticed his eyes roam up and down my body and a smile come to his face.

As we walked in I noticed a very sexy blonde woman come up to Brad. I could not hear exactly what they were saying but that was ok. I took the time to look the woman up and down. The first thing I noticed about her was her large chest. I have enjoyed a woman’s body always look when I have the opportunity. My eyes then moved down the rest of her body. She had a very nice firm ass on her that was attached to very sleek firm legs. I felt that familiar ache return to my pussy all of the sudden I was brought back to reality.

Brad introduced her as Carry and as she started to walk away he informed me that she was a very good friend of his. I just nodded and walked up to the bar to order my first captain and coke. Brad looked at me and I could tell he had lust in his eyes but was torn for some reason. He told me he would be back in a few minutes and left. I noticed several guys looking at me, wanting me but knowing they could not have me. Deciding to be naughty I decided to tease the guys around me by spreading my legs slightly showing part of my g-string.

After several minutes I looked across the room and noticed Brad and Carry out on the dance floor, I thought the nerve of him to come with me and dance with her. They were dancing so close, her breast touching him, pressing into him; I looked toward his crotch and noticed the tightness of his jeans. I ordered another drink as well as a shot to calm my aggravation.

A while later I saw him say something to Carry as he walked to the bathroom, I took the opportunity to talk to her. “Carry, Brad and I have been seeing each other for over a month now and I would like to have him back. I have a big night planned for him.” Carry had a look of shock on her face, one that you could not fake “Brad and I have been seeing each other for 3 months now.” We were both speechless for a few minutes. brazzers “Are you going to stay with him Carry?” “Not a chance now that I know he is a no good cheating man.”

With Brad still gone I asked her if she had ever been involved with another woman, she gave me a look that gave me all the answer I needed then she looked me up and down and smiled. I said well I have an idea if you are willing to go through with it, I quietly whispered it in her ear as I gently brushed up against her body. Through her silk shirt I felt her nipples harden as I told her the plan. Just then Brad came walking back up to us.

Brad had a puzzled look on his face, wondering if he had been caught. Carry and I agreed not to let on. “I was just getting to know your friend here, why don’t we grab the captain from my car and go to your place honey?” With that Brad led the way, I took the opportunity to brush my hand against Carry’s tight ass, and the heat grew between my legs.

Upstairs I poured our drinks, putting our plan into action. Brad was sitting on the bed with a smirk and knowing him, he was thinking how lucky he was. As I walked passed Carry I purposely bumped into her and spilled the drink on the both of us. Brad decided he would be slick and suggested we take our tops off to dry. We looked at each other winked then looked at Brad.

First we want you to do something for us Brad, please get undressed, move to the head of the bed and get comfortable. As he did this both Carry and I proceeded to tie him to the bed. He tried asking what we were doing but we would not answer. “Carry are you ready for some payback?” “With the way you look I am very ready.” A look of puzzlement went through Brads eyes.

I walked over to Carry and slowly started to unbutton her tight top each button releasing her firm large breasts. I paused as I cupped each in my hand squeezing them gently then outlining her very hard nipples. I could see the look of lust in her eyes so I stopped fondling and freed her. My mouth went to her nipple, gently blowing warm breath making them stand up even more. My hands roaming her body reaching her skirt. I slowly start to unbutton her skirt as I glance at Brad. He looked as fake taxi porno if he were in shock.

Carry slowly undressed me as I continued to suck on her nipples, gently biting them making her moan softly. I felt as if I could not get enough of her body she was so sexy. My hands moving up and down her now naked body, finally finding that hot wet cave I so wanted to taste. I slowly remove my lips from her breasts as I push her towards the bed. Brad thinking he will finally get to play lets out a growl. “You just sit there and watch.

“You’re not the only one going to give some attention, bring that sweet pussy up to my face baby.” That was all I needed to hear I moved to the bed and climb on top of her, now in the 69 position. I moved my hand to her hot pussy rubbing slowly while finding her clit. I start to moan as she fingered my pussy. I rubbed her clit as I lower my lips to the prize. My tongue teasing her clit as it moves back and forth from her clit to her slit. “Mmmm baby you taste so sweet I could do this forever.” As my tongue concentrated on her clit my fingers move slowly to her lips and gently found her wet hot hole. Inserting my fingers I slowly fucked her as I sucked and licked her clit.

Moans came from Carry as her hips moved back and forth. I increased my speed wanting, no needing her to cum. I wanted to cum with her and I was already very close. I attacked her clit with the speed of my fingers moaning forgetting we had an audience. Mmmmm her lovely sex juice flowed as we both began to cum.

I removed my self sadly from Carry and gave her a look; she seemed to know what I was thinking because as I was reaching for her still hot pussy, she reached for mine. Wetting our fingers we moved to Brad and gave him a taste. He moaned and asked for more. “No we don’t think so you have had enough.” Carry and I giggled.

We embraced each other and passionately kissed. Our tongues meeting each other, so hungry for each other, wanting more and we both knew more would come. I looked over at Brad “by the way buddy your jig is up we know about the lie you have been hiding. As of now we are through with you.” Carry and I stood up, Carry suggested we continue on to her place. I agreed but remembered Brad was still sitting there tied up. “What about him?” “Don’t worry on our way out we will have one of his friends come up and untie him. Laughing we looked at him, shock on his face he was speechless. We walked out the door and never looked back.

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