Terra’s Trip Home

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This is an ongoing story between fictional characters Terra and Marte who are best friends with an off and on again relationship.

Marte finished packing her SUV and closed the trunk. Terra locked the front door to Terra’s cabin and jumped in the passenger seat. Marte climbed in the driver seat and headed down the Big Bear mountain. They settle in for the five hour drive. They are headed back to where Terra grew up in Arizona. She has not been home to see her Cherokee family in several months.

“I am so frickin’ horny.” Terra says, half joking, half serious.

“Are you kidding me?” Marte says, glancing over at her lover. “You just had some last night.”

“I know. That it the problem. You should know me by now. The more I get it, the more I want it.”

Marte rolls her eyes. “I am cutting you off then.”

Terra touches Marte’s inner thigh. “You know that won’t work. I would maul you like a bear.”

Marte pushes Terra’s hand away. “You are not going to be like this the whole drive are you? If so, I am going to turn this vehicle around and go back home.”

Terra turns to look out the passenger window. “Fine. I will leave you alone and just stare out the window.”

“Great.” Marte says laughing.

The two of them go down the road for almost ten minutes without saying a word or looking at each other. Marte is concentrating on the twists and turns of the mountain. Terra is bored. She changes the channels on the radio until she finds one of her favorite songs. She turns the radio volume up and starts singing along. She turns to Marte and stares until she gets Marte’s attention.

Marte turns and looks at the staring lover. She cannot help but laugh. The tension is finally broken. The two of them sing along. This starts a string of songs they belt out at the top of their lungs. Terra leans in and gives Marte a kiss on the cheek. “I love you so much, my stubborn beauty.”

“I love you too, you stubborn mule.”

They both laugh at each other. “So can I touch you now?”

“Oh my gosh!” Marte exclaims. “Will you leave me alone if I let you?”

“Probably not.” Terra laughs.

“I figured as much. Hurry up before we get on the highway.”

Terra reaches over and cops a feel of Marte’s breast. The bra blocks her way so she pushes it up and grabs Marte’s mid size breast. Marte can feel a twinge between her legs.

“Terra knows damn well that my breasts are sensitive.” She thinks to herself.

It is not long before Terra is pinching and squeezing her lover’s hard nipple. It is becoming hard for Marte to concentrate so she pushes Terra’s hand away. “That is enough. Get back on your side of the vehicle.”

Terra tries to prolong the moment, to no success. They get on the highway and head east toward Phoenix. A car of boys are riding beside them. Terra smiles at the driver who looks over at her. He gives her a thumbs up. Terra gets a crazy idea and flashes the boys, putting her tits against the passenger window. Marte looks over at her.

“What are you doing?” Marte shouts with disdain.

“I am entertaining the boys next to us. Don’t be such a prude.” Terra replies. Terra then proceeds to shake her breasts back and forth towards the boys.

Marte hits the gas and speeds up, passing the buys. She begins to laugh. Terra shoots a glaring look at Marte and huffs.

“What are you doing?” Terra says in a scolding voice.

“What do you mean?” Marte says laughing uncontrollably.

Terra doesn’t even dignify the response with a reply. A few seconds later, the boys’ car catches up. Terra looks over at them and seductively licks her lips. She lifts her shirt one more time and pinches her nipples.

Marte cannot see what Terra is doing, but she can tell Terra has her shirt up again. She presses on the accelerator again and speeds past the boys once more. She starts laughing again. Terra gives her a dirty look one more time.

“Why don’t you just take off your shirt and give them a full view?” Marte says sarcastically.

A car is in front of Marte so she has to slow down. The boys catch up one more time. Terra ways her options then throws caution to the wind. “It is better to ask for forgiveness later than to ask for permission.”, Terra thinks to herself.

Terra pulls her shirt and bra over her head and throws them in the back seat. She pulls the scrunchy out of her hair and whips her long, black hair back and forth until it falls down over her shoulders. She cups her breasts and jiggles them back and forth for the boys. She cannot help but laugh when she notices a tent in the pants of the driver.

“Quit distracting the boys before you give them a boner.” Marte says.

“Too late.” Terra says while laughing frantically. “I feel so free this way. I think I will stay topless for awhile.”

Marte ignores her, knowing she is just doing this to get her goad and seek attention. The boys get caught up in slower traffic and are eventually lost in the distance. Marte turns onto I-10 East toward Phoenix. A couple of cars honk their horns as the xnxx girls drive by them. Marte decides to give Terra some of the attention she is thriving for. She reaches over and starts rubbing Terra’s inner thighs. Shocked by Marte’s touch, Terra declines the back of her seat until she is lying back.

For the next thirty minutes, Marte fingers her friend who is now lying naked in the passenger seat. Terra’s jeans and panties are around her ankles. Terra cannot believe her luck. Never in her wildest dreams did she envision Marte would be fingering her with one hand while driving with the other. Marte truly is coming out of her shell more and more with each passing day.

Terra assists Marte by rubbing her own clitoris back and forth with two of her fingers. Just to make it fun, Terra winds her window down and moans as loud as she can. Marte can feel her face turning bright red. Anyone who has their windows down will surely hear her friend’s moans.

Marte pulls her hand away from Terra’s pussy and turns up the radio volume in order to drown out the sound of Terra’s moans. It is no use, Terra just moans that much louder. Marte protests by licking the juices off her fingers then putting her right hand back on the steering wheel. Terra tries to coax her lover’s hand back to her cunny, but is unsuccessful. She is far enough along that she decides to do it herself instead.

Looking over, Marte sees her naked friend going to town, fingering and pleasuring herself. The sight of her friend’s hips bouncing on the seat, her fingers glistening and the moans start to make Marte horny as well. She curses Terra inside her head. Now she will have to drive the next few hours being horny as hell. She wonders if this is all a big plan of Terra.

Terra lets out several long moans and locks her hips as the orgasm rocks her body. She falls to the seat and lays practically motionless for a few minutes while trying to regain her composure. When she does compose herself, she grabs wet wipes out of her duffel bag in the back seat and cleans herself. The wet wipes were packed because Terra does not like the toilet paper her Cherokee Nation uses on the reservation.

She has always been a rebel, bucking the traditional ways of authority, whether it be the authority of her Nation or the laws of the United States. It has always been her way to try and revolt against the system, carving her own path through the world. Her carefree style has gotten her in trouble many times but also allowed her to live an exciting life.

Marte, who prefers to stick to the rules, has always been drawn to the wild side of Terra. However, like a wild stallion, she is never able to tame her. The rules are made for a reason in Marte’s view. If there were not rules and people following them, the world would be mass chaos.

The women arrive at the Cherokee Nation around six o’clock in the evening. Terra feels tears well up in her eyes and start to flow when she sees the little boys and girls run up and hug her legs. Her mom, grandma, brothers, sisters and cousins all come out to welcome them.

Marte takes a few moments to take in the scenery. Terra’s family are part of the traditional tribe so they do their best to resist the advances of modern society. Looking around, she feels like she is in another world. It isn’t her first time on the reservation, but the culture shock always hits her at first when she arrives.

Terra on the other hand, looks around and sees how hard her tribe has to work to survive. She understand that the common belief is that they all live as one big family, helping each other out. Terra cannot argue that modern society has lost its’ way for the most part in that way, but she feels that her tribe would also benefit from adopting some of the modern ways and practices. The tribe’s refusal to modernize is why Terra left the tribe and moved to California.

A traditional meal is prepared for the two visitors and the family. Marte and Terra try to help, but Terra’s grandmother banishes them outside to play with the kids until the meal is ready. Marte feels pangs of desire to have children. She knows it is not an option of having her own if she stays with Terra, but is open to the option of adopting.

Terra’s grandmother ignores the fact that they are a couple, because she believes a man and woman are the natural way of life. She refuses to give in to the “messed up modern immorality”. No matter how many times Terra tells her that she was born this way, her mother holds on to her traditional beliefs. She has no ill will toward Marte though, because Marte and Terra first visited when they were simply best friends.

After dinner, everyone sits around the fire outside and sing songs, sipping on homemade wine and eating corn meal. Grandma excuses herself to her tent for the evening. Terra and Marte are assigned separate tents next to each other. Being the rebel that she is, Terra sneaks into Marte’s tent when everyone resigns to bed.

“What are you doing?” Marte whispers. “Your grandma will be mad if she catches us in the same bakire porno tent.”

“So let her be mad.” Terra whispers back. “Ma and the rest of my family will stick up for me. Besides, I owe you one.”

“You owe me one? For what?”

“Earlier today…on the drive down here. You can’t tell me you weren’t turned on.”

Marte rolls her eyes, but Terra cannot see so in the dark. “I was but it has subsided. I am fine.”

“Yes you are.” Terra says. “Take off your clothes or I will tear them off.”

“Your cousins will hear us.” Marte protests.

Pretending she did not hear the last comment, Terra starts tugging at Marte’s clothes. Knowing she will not win, Marte gives in and removes her shoes, socks and jeans and bra. She leaves her shirt and panties on. Terra lays beside Marte and starts kissing her neck and playing with her stomach. Marte’s sensitive body begins responding to the roving fingers and seductive kisses.

Marte lets out a soft moan prompting Terra to say, “Shhh!!”

“I can’t help it.” Marte whispers. Terra chuckles.

“Keep it down or you two will get in trouble”, one of the teenage girls says from a nearby tent.

Terra’s hand slides down her lover’s stomach and softly glides over Marte’s panties. The palm rests on the mound while the fingers explore the warm, tender skin below the panties. Marte accidentally allows another soft moan to escape from her lungs when the fingers touch her swollen lips. Not even thinking about it, Marte spreads her legs until Terra’s fingers have wide open access. Marte’s left legs drapes over Terra’s legs.

The fingers move smoothly along the pantie lines that hug Marte’s inner thighs before moving inward and tracing the outer ridge of the labia. Turned on by the tender teasing, Marte grabs a hold of Terra’s head and presses her lips firmly against Terra’s mouth. The kiss almost takes the breath away from Terra’s lungs.

Terra takes the opportunity to slide her hand under Marte’s panties. The touch of bare skin on skin effects both of them. Marte moans deeply inside Terra’s mouth. Terra relishes in the touch of the silk smooth lips. She feels wetness at the bottom of Marte’s vagina, near the anus. The fingers move inward, separating her lips with the index and ring finger while the middle finger delves inside, collecting wetness with each inch it moves.

The fingers are driving Marte practically insane. She grabs a hold of Terra’s hair by the hand full and pulls Terra’s face firmly against her own face. She moans hard inside Terra’s open mouth. The middle finger delves deeper inside and slides into the inner canal.

Marte’s whole body is on fire. She starts humping the finger sliding in and out of her inner walls. Needing a breath of air, Marte breaks the long lasting kiss and takes several deep breaths of air. The middle finger slides up her slit and softly grazes her aching clitoris hood, causing Marte to groan loudly.

“Shhhhhh.” is heard from two voices nearby.

Terra cannot help but laugh and smile with a devilish grin. Marte does her best to control her breathing and moans but it is no use when Terra slides between her legs, removes the panties and aggressively buries her face between Marte’s crotch. Terra’s hands grab a hold of each butt cheek and squeeze tightly. Her thumbs massage Marte’s inner thighs as her tongue dives deep inside Marte’s sopping wet sweet spot. Over and over the tongue darts inside, causing Marte to bury her face in the pillow while moaning and groaning.

Her body is dancing all over the woven mat on the ground; up and down, side to side, twisting and turning, folding like an accordion then stretching out wide. Her body is sweating heavily in the early summer night. In order to keep her hips in place, Terra slides her arms up Marte’s legs and wraps her hands up over the inner thigh and taking hold of the mound. She pulls the skin of the mound back, exposing the very sensitive clit from underneath it’s hood.

Marte screams joyfully so loud that the muffling of the pillow does little to silence her as Terra’s hot lips wrap around the exposed clitoris and start sucking, all the while still pushing two fingers inside of the vagina opening.

The pleasures hit Marte’s body like a landslide of rocks falling down on top of her. Her hips buck wildly, trying to pull back from the intense sensations. Unfortunately, Terra’s arms are snaked around her legs and hold her at bay. Over and over Marte squeals. A series of tiny orgasms wash over her before a big orgasm comes crashing down upon her body. At this point, her clitoris is so sensitive she pushes Terra’s head away with her hands.

“Enough. Enough.” Marte says.

“Are you two done? We need to get up at the crack of dawn and work.” Chelsie, Terra’s cousin of about the same age, says.

“Yes, ma’am. Sorry.” Terra says in an apologetic voice, though she is truly not sorry. She cuddles up next to her best friend and lover who is breathing heavy. They fall asleep listening to the distant howls of coyotes and bedava porno other creatures of nature.

The next morning, Terra is given the hard task of crushing corn into meal by her grandmother. Nothing of the previous night is mentioned, but Terra can tell by the way her grandmother is carrying herself, that she is upset and giving her the chore as punishment.

By mid-afternoon, Terra’s grandmother seems to have forgiven her. They sit and talk about the village and how the family is doing. Marte sits next to Terra and listens to the amazing wisdom and knowledge of her adopted Grandmother. They both soak up all the knowledge they can hold in their brains before racing off with the kids to the watering hole.

The two grown adults, several of the teenagers and a gaggle of children go down stream from where they collect water. They all undress and jump into the water to cool off. In their culture, being naked is not a taboo thing like it is in the United States.

Having become accustomed to the ways of the modern world, Terra feels awkward at first, but quickly falls back into the old ways of life that she knew as a child. Marte on the other hand, covered herself until she made her way into the water.

Terra sat back and watched her elder teenage relatives closely, with lustful eyes. She was amazed how much they had grown up since they were younger. Her cousin Aiyana, which means “Eternal Blossom”, recently became an adult. Terra admired the way her hips filled out, the way her toned legs grew in muscle and how the form of her bosom filled out. It had been at least two years since Terra had last came to the watering hole with her. Her other cousin, Paco, had also blossomed into a strapping young man. She was not sure if he was 19 or 20 anymore. There were too many of them to keep track of birthdays. She watched his manhood swung back and forth as he ran into the depths of the water.

Marte catches Terra staring and shakes her head back and forth. It used to bother her the way Terra looked at others with lusting eyes. Now, she has grown accustomed to her ways, knowing she will not roam unless she is single or given approval from Marte. No approval will be given, however.

In a culture where the Grandmother does most of the child upbringing, the waters often become cloudy as to who is your true brother or cousin. Because of this, many times they speak of the other children as cousins, whether they are truly related or not.

Being the eldest of the group, Marte and Terra help to watch the little children and make sure they play safely. In the midst of playing, Terra walks up behind Marte, who is chest deep in the water, and presses her body up against her lover. Terra’s hand cups Marte’s crotch. Marte immediately whips around and tells Terra to stop. Terra pulls Marte close to her and grabs her ass while giving her a kiss.

Not wanting to make a scene or cause a rift in the culture, Marte pushes Terra away. “Be good. We are in public.” Marte says with a stern voice.

Terra stomps away like a little child and makes her way over to Aiyana. Trying to agitate Terra flirts with her cousin, touching her shoulders and playing with her hair. Marte ignores Terra’s foolish behavior and plays with the children. A few of the younger teenagers move away from the main group and create their own little circle.

Marte watches the younger teens out of the corner of her eye to make sure that they behave. Terra ignores them, remembering what fun it was when she was once a part of that group. Being too old to play with the younger children, yet too young to fit in with the adults is a weird time in a person’s life. Not to mention the raging hormones. No matter how normal to be naked around one another, hormones start to change things, so they have to be watched with a close eye.

Marte glances back over at Terra and sees her place a kiss on Aiyana’s lips. Aiyana quickly pulls away and laughs. The kiss seems innocent, but she wants to make sure. Marte calls out to Paco, who is standing near Terra and Aiyana. This is her way of watching the females without appearing to stare. She asks Paco to come watch the boys.

Marte makes her way over to the girls and joins in the fun, splashing and tackling under water. She is surprised when Aiyana pulls her under water and “accidentally” brushes her hand over Marte’s breast. Marte ignores the action and continues to wrestle with the girls. It isn’t until a little while later that Marte becomes fully aware of the advances. Terra pushes Aiyana. Aiyana falls forward into Marte. As they are going under water, Marte feels a hand cup her vagina. She hits the ground and immediately pushes the hand away while raising her head back up above the water. Aiyana comes out of the water and winks at Marte.

Terra and Aiyana begin laughing uncontrollably. Marte realizes this was planned out. She imagines Terra was the instigator. Marte dives under the water and swims over to Terra. It is hard to see the bodies under water. She grabs what she believes is Terra’s leg and pulls her underwater. Marte enacts revenge by finding the nipple and squeezing it. The body pushes away from her. When she comes back up, Marte is embarrassed to learn that she pulled Aiyana under water and not Terra. Her face immediately becomes bright red.

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