The Ghost

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Bethany knew the “Date” was over and she would never see… Brian? Was that his name? Damn she hated blind dates. So, she knew the date was over and that she would never see Brian again as soon as they turned onto her road. Hell, she knew it was over the moment he laid eyes on her. It was just the way he looked at her.

Sure, she was a little chubby, but she was far from fat. And she wasn’t a bronze skinned model either, the curse of fair skin goes with the territory of being a red head. After all, wasn’t it her father that told her that God thought she was so special that he gave more of her. Of course, father’s are supposed to say things like that. That comes with the territory of being a father.

They pulled into the drive, and Brian threw the car into reverse. A definite indication that the night was over.

“Well, I had a good time tonight,” She said looking to him and seeing only his silhouette.

“Yeah,” he answered back.

Okay, so he didn’t like her. No big deal. At least she still had her dignity.

Bethany looked to the house, then turned back to Brian.

“You know,” she heard herself saying before she could stop herself. “I will have sex with you if you come in.”

Dignity gone.

Brian gave a small giggle and finally turned to her. “Thanks, but I’m good.”

Bethany was out of the car as quick as a shot. Fuck grace, she had no dignity left, so what good would grace do her now. Brian was backing out of the drive before Bethany could completely close the door.

“Nice going slut,” Bethany said digging her keys out of her pocket.

Two minutes later, Bethany was in the shower. Screw the ritual of turning on the lights and getting clothes to put on after the shower. She felt enough like a loser as it was. Here it was, Friday night, and she was home before 9:00. Just think what the neighbors would say if they knew she was home already.

She stood there naked, relaxing as the hot water beat against her body. The shampoo in her hair flowed down the curve of her back, forking at her buttocks so the suds ran around the curve of her ass.

Just as she stepped forward to rinse the shampoo out of her hair, she heard the creaking of the bathroom door opening. She stood there a moment listening before finally pushing the curtain aside. And there it was.

An empty bathroom. The door still closed.

“You’re losing it,” she said laughing at herself.

Once out of the shower, Bethany had gone straight up stairs to her bedroom and to bed. Two hours later, she still lay there on her back, naked as the day she was born and watching television. It was late and there was nothing on, so she had a tape playing. It was your typical girl finds boy, girl loses boy, boy makes things right, and they live happily ever after.

Not exactly the kind of movie to watch after the shitty date she had tonight, but at the same time, it gave her a little light of hope. Hope that a girl like her could find love in this world of looks and cosmetic surgery.

And so, there she lay, her large breasts slightly sagging apart, her pooching belly curving just below her line of vision, and her feet split so they wouldn’t obscure her view of the television. Her right arm rest on her chest between her breast and her hand rested just above her left breast. Her left hand lay on her left hip, holding the remote aimed at the television.

On the television, the star and starlet of the movie were sharing a long passionate kiss.

Bethany felt her heart race. Then the neatly trimmed patch between her legs started to throb. This wasn’t the first time she had felt that throb. She knew exactly what that meant. And as much as she hated it, she knew what she had to do. Women have needs to, just the same as men. And what made things even worse was the fact that Bethany had a very high sex drive, and no man to take care of her “needs”.

Slowly, and without her really knowing it was doing it, her left hand slid across her hip to her throbbing crotch. She was too engrossed in the movie to notice anything until her middle finger was buried between the folds of her, in all crudeness, pussy. She moaned as the tip over her finger rubbed up and down her clit.

Meanwhile, her right hand had crept down to the nipple of her left breast and gave it a light pinch. She closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip as her middle finger massaged the hot moist slit between her legs.

It finally found what it was looking for and slowly slid inside her. Her buttocks tightened and her back arched as she let out a loud sigh. Her breathing got heavier and her moans louder as a second finger joined the middle finger in its exploration. She squeezed her breast harder and her fingers began to move quicker as she worked herself closer to orgasm.

Once she felt the shivers that signaled that she was getting closer to that magical moment, she did the one thing that very few women could do. She lifted her left breast and sucked on her own nipple. Oh the joys of large breasts.

She ran her tongue over the nipple and lightly bit down, intensifying the sensation she was feeling until finally, the quake of orgasm overtook her. This one was no different then the others. She felt relieved, but it would have been so much better if there was a man with her.

Spent, Bethany moved both of her hands to her belly and closed her eyes. It was only moments before sleep overtook her. The sounds from the television brought on romantic and sweet dreams of things she knew she would never have.

Love and true happiness.

There was a presence in Bethany’s house unfelt and unseen, but there all the same. It was a man who had lived the same fate that Bethany was now living. His existence had been lonely and sad, and now in death the loneliness and sadness only increased, and he hated for any one to go through life the way he did.

The presence stood at the foot of her stairs looking up to the only two doors on the second floor. One door was shut and the presence knew that one led to an empty spare bedroom. The open door on the other hand led to Bethany’s bedroom. All was quiet on the second floor, but there was a blue light emitting from the open door.

Slowly, the presence drifted up the stairs to the opened door. When it reached the door, it went in and watched Bethany sleeping from the foot of the bed. The blue light was coming from the television. The tape had stopped, and was replaced with a blue screen, bathing Bethany in an eerie blue glow.

Bethany was now on her belly, her right leg bent, turning her lower half into an angular P. Her arms were up under her pillow, hidden from the world.

The presence stared at her in all of her naked glory and only saw her as a beautiful woman who was alone and sad. Just as he had once been. In the air, it could smell the remains of the act she had performed on herself hours ago and it was aroused.

With hands that were no longer there, the presence gently caressed her right foot and slowly moved it down to lay next to her left foot. The presence caressed and gently massaged both feet with it’s nonexistent hands. Bethany moaned quietly.

The presence looked up to her face. Her eyes were still closed.

Slowly, the presence knelt and softly kissed the bottom of her toes. Bethany moaned once again, but didn’t stir. The presence lightly kissed all ten of her toes before moving up the soles of both feet. Bethany’s moans became louder, but she still didn’t stir.

The presence continued to plant soft lovers kisses on the back of each leg, making sure it got every inch from ankle to knee, then it continued up her upper legs with the same gentleness. When it reached the top of her legs, it ran a tongue that could no longer taste over the lower curve of her buttocks, then slowly up the crack between each cheek.

As it ran it’s tongue back down her crack, it made the tongue as hard as it could and ran it inside the crack until it reached her anus. The presence then placed it’s erect penis on the curve of her foot and moved it up and down her foot.

The sensation the presence felt was like nothing it had ever felt in life. It’s tongue which had lingered up and down Bethany’s anus now disappeared and the presence opened it’s mouth wide and engulfed as much of her that it could.

The nonexistent right hand now slid between her legs and cupped her crotch, it’s thumb rubbing the clit with a gentleness only it could muster. Bethany, deep in sleep, moaned loudly and moved her hips back and forth with the movement of the thumb and the tongue swelling and relaxing against her relaxed anus.

In an explosion of ecstacy, Bethany and presence orgasmed at the same moment. If it had still been alive, there would have been a sticky mess at her feet, the plus side of death. The presence then backed away from Bethany and looked over her with guilty pleasure. It suddenly felt that was the wrong thing to do, but it was too late now.

The presence faded from existence feeling guilty and pleased at the same time.

The next morning, Bethany woke up feeling a satisfaction she had never felt before. She had masturbated before, but had never awoke feeling this good. Maybe it had something to do with the vivid dream she had last night, or maybe it was the fact that Carrie was coming to spend three days with her.

That had to be it.

It had been three years since Carrie had gone off to college and she missed her so much. They talked over the phone at least once a week, but talking over the phone was nothing compared to being together.

Bethany got out of bed, dressed and waited for Carrie to pull into her drive.

Carrie arrived at Bethany’s just after three in the afternoon. Bethany was watching out the window for her the whole day. What else did she have to do? Nothing.

Before Carrie was out of the car, Bethany was already out the front door and to the car. As Carrie stood, Bethany wrapped her arms around her in a large hug. Carrie, of course, hugged back.

Carrie was a cream colored black woman, and larger then Bethany, but had a quality that men just seemed to love. Carrie always had a man and that drove Bethany crazy, but there was no jealousy there. Bethany had too much love for her best friend to be jealous. Sure they joked about it, but it was all in fun.

Carrie pulled back from Bethany and smiled widely at her. “God I’ve missed you.”

“I’ve missed you too,” Bethany beamed back.

Carrie and Bethany let each other go and Carrie closed the car door and stepped back to the trunk. She opened the trunk and Bethany grabbed one of the two bags from the trunk.

“So how have you been?” Carrie asked as they walked to the front door of the house.

“Fine, how about you?”

“Stressed. College is a lot harder then I thought.”

“Then maybe you shouldn’t go back,” Bethany said with a laugh.

“I would love not to,” Carrie laughed back as the two walked through the door.

Bethany and Carrie spent the next three hours sitting on the couch in the living room catching up. The television was on, but it was only background noise. They had no idea what was even on the television. Then the conversation came around to the subject Bethany knew would turn to and felt more then a little nervous about. Men.

“So, I have to know. Is there a man in your life yet?” Carrie asked.

“Let’s change the subject,” Bethany answered.

“I take that as a no,” Carrie said.

“No I don’t have a man. And if you don’t mind, I’d like to change the subject.”

“Fine,” Carrie said with a smile.

There was silence for the first time since Carrie had come through the door. It was Bethany who finally broke it.

“If I tell you something, do you promise to keep it secret?” Bethany asked, her cheeks turning red and hot. She had to tell some one about the dream last night and who better then her best friend. No one.

“Sure,” Carrie said with a wide grin. “Is it juicy?”

“You could say that,” Bethany said turning redder. Then more silence.

“Well get on with it,” Carrie said impatiently.

“Okay,” she said and took a deep breath. “Last night I had this dream, but it felt so real.”

“A dream, damn I thought you were going to tell me about a sexual adventure.”

“Well, this is. In a way.”

Bethany told Carrie about what she thought was a dream in vivid detail. It took her fifteen minutes to tell her all of it. When she was finished, Carrie just sat there.

“Well,” Bethany said. “Aren’t you going to say anything?”

“What am I suppose to say?”

“I don’t know,” Bethany said. “Something, anything.”

“I’m actually at a loss for words. I mean in all the things I’ve done, which is a lot, I’ve never done that.”

“I never have either,” Bethany said. She had had sex before, but the men she had been with were more then just a little boring in bed. “And I never thought I would either, but there was just something about it that felt better then anything I’ve ever felt before.”

“Holy shit,” Carrie laughed. “You’re into anal pleasures.”

“Am not,” Bethany laughed back and picked up a pillow from the couch and threw it at Carrie, hitting her in the face.

Carrie laughed and the two had a pillow fight on the couch.

That night, Bethany and Carrie slept slumber party style. They lay a blanket on the floor and slept on top of it. Around 12:00, they put on night shirts, and finally fell asleep around 3 in the morning. An hour and a half later, Carrie woke up.

They had left the television on and the screen had turned blue, giving Carrie just enough light to see the mess they had made in the living room and Bethany lying next to her.

Bethany lay on her stomach with her back to Carrie. Her left leg brought up to make the angular P again, only backwards. Bethany must have gotten hot because she had pushed the blanket they were sleeping under aside. Her night shirt had hiked up around her belly, and her panties were bunched up in the crack of her buttocks.

Carrie’s heart began to race at the sight of Bethany’s cream colored thighs and buttocks. Never in her life had she felt an attraction to another female, but for some reason she wanted nothing more then to do what the man in Bethany’s dream had done. Carrie tried to turn away, but a voice soft and soothing began to speak in her ear.

“You want her don’t you?” the voice asked.

“No,” Carrie said defensively. “She’s a woman. I don’t swing that way.”

“You can’t lie to me,” the voice whispered back. “I know your feelings more then you know.”


“But nothing. If you want her so bad, then take her.”

The voice was silent a moment as Carrie thought it over. “But what if she wakes up? She’ll never be my friend again.”

“What if she does and wants more?”

What if she did? Would Carrie be willing to give up men for Bethany? Would Bethany even talk to her afterwards?

There was only one way to find out.

Carrie leaned forward and slowly tugged Bethany’s panties down until they were off. Carrie laid them beside the blanket, taking a moment to sniff the crotch of them. Carrie felt a little weird doing so, but Bethany’s scent was sweet and aroused her curiosity more.

“That’s it,” the voice whispered. “Do as you will.”

Carrie hovered over Bethany’s buttocks, staring and caressing them with the hands and eyes of a lover. Bethany moaned, but didn’t offer to wake. Carrie’s already quickened heart rate doubled as she lowered her head and placed the first loving kiss on Bethany’s right butt cheek.

The skin was soft and smooth, as she had expected, but also a little sweet, which surprised her. This was all so new to her, and she wanted more. She hungrily went straight for Bethany’s anus and gently massaged it with her tongue. She could feel Bethany moving with her tongue, and moaning loudly. This only aroused Carrie more and more.

“Do as you will,” the voice kept whispering in her ear.

Crazed with passion and the new sensation she was now feeling, She didn’t realize what she was doing until she was already doing it. Carrie had raised from Bethany’s creamy white ass and she had lifted her own night shirt over her head. In a flash, her panties were lying next to Bethany’s. With her left hand, Carrie spread Bethany’s cheeks revealing everything hidden from the light of day, and with her right, she had spread open her own crotch revealing the pink wet skin inside. She watched in anticipation as she placed her clit against Bethany’s anus. A shutter ran up her spine.

When she became aware of what was going on, she started to pull away, but stopped when the voice whispered into her ear again.

“Your head tells you this is wrong doesn’t it?”

“Yes,” Carrie answered, her voice shaky from ecstacy.

“What does your heart say?”

Carrie took a moment to search her heart. “That this is what I’ve wanted all my life.”

“Then why stop?”

She didn’t. Carrie pressed her waist against Bethany, knowing this would wake her. Bethany slept and let herself be taken. The more Carrie pressed, the more prominent the thrust became until Carrie had gotten to her knees, Bethany lifted her hips with her and moved with Carrie. Carrie put her hands on the smooth skin of Bethany’s hips as the power of the thrust increased.

Suddenly, Carrie felt something slide between her own cheeks and a hand wrapped around her and rested between her breast.

“You love her don’t you?”

Carrie realized that what she felt in her buttocks was a penis. She normally wouldn’t allow any one to do this, but it wasn’t penetrating her, and it only heightened the pleasure.

“Yes,” Carrie answered breathing heavily.

“Then tell her. Be with her.”

Carrie and Bethany were now crying in pleasure, but Bethany was still fast asleep. “I can’t,” she whispered.


“What if she rejects me?”

“She won’t”

Carrie suddenly felt her body shiver as she closed in towards orgasm. “I can’t,” she moaned and leaned forward. Her breast now rubbed Bethany’s back and Carrie moved her hands from Bethany’s hips to her breast. She squeezed them as she and Bethany screamed when they exploded together as they reached orgasm at the same time.

Carrie rolled off of Bethany and lay there on her back breathing hard and looking at Bethany who had lowered her hips to the floor and lay there peacefully. Guilt finally overtook her. She knew that no matter what, she could not tell Bethany what she had done tonight. Or any one for that matter.

Slowly and shaking, Carrie lowered her night shirt and picked their panties up from the floor. She slowly and gently slid Bethany’s back on her, then her own. With that done, she covered herself again and fought back the tears as her mind flashed what had just happened. She felt it was wrong, but at the same time she felt that what she had done was what she wanted, what they had both always wanted but were to afraid to say so to each other.

Finally, sleep overtook her and she dreamt sweet dreams of love and happiness with the most unlikely person. Bethany.

That morning, Carrie woke up to find that Bethany was not lying on the floor next to her. She sat up and rubbed her eyes and looked again. Still no Bethany. Her first thought was that Bethany knew what she had done last night, and she had left. But then she remembered that this was Bethany’s house. Why would she leave her own house.

Then the Bathroom door opened. Carrie looked across the dining room into the kitchen to see Bethany walk out of the bathroom dressed and fresh out of a shower. Carrie smiled. She didn’t know.

“Good morning,” Bethany beamed across the dining room at her.

“Morning,” Carrie smiled back. She thought Bethany was the most beautiful woman she had ever seen in the light shining in through the windows. She quickly pushed that thought away as soon as it crept into her mind. She was not a lesbian and never would be, so there no place for those thoughts in her head.

But what about last night?

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