The Power of Science (Chapter 4) – Claire’s New Life (continued)

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Evan told Julianne about his ability, as well as what he did to Claire. He let Julianne enjoy using Claire, but she suddenly acted up and defied one of Evan’s orders. Needless to say, she needed to be punished for her disobedience.


Evan dragged the rope lightly across Claire’s skin. His cock was starting to get hard again. He leaned in close to Claire.

“Let me show you what happens when you don’t listen,” Evan lifted her up and turned her around. He walked her over to his desk and bent her over it, pushing her hard. This elicited a yelp from Claire, as her big breasts hit the table, with the weight of her body on top of them.

Evan spread Claire’s legs and started tying them to two legs of the table. The desk was anchored to the floor, so Claire wouldn’t be moving anytime soon. Claire fought against her will to struggle. She didn’t want Evan to do any more damage to her life and her reputation at this school. As long as no one else knew about this besides him and Julianne, she could handle it. When he stood up, Evan smacked Claire’s swollen pussy, causing her to yelp again. Then Evan grabbed her arms and reached them to the other side of the desk, tying them to the table legs on the that side. Claire was now completely immobilized.

“Try and get out, Claire,” Julianne taunted.

Claire pulled on the ropes attached to her wrists. There was no slack at all. Her wrists and ankles were tied tight against the table legs. The fact that she was truly stuck now, the fact that she wouldn’t be able to escape, finally sunk in. She couldn’t speak.

“Oh my god. I can’t move at all!” Claire’s breathing got faster, her heart started pounding in her chest. Now, she was truly helpless and at the mercy of Evan and his girlfriend. “That sick son of a bitch! He’s gone too far!”

“This is just a reminder that you are my slave, and as my slave, I have certain standards for your behaviors and attitude. And if you don’t comply, well…”

Claire was somewhat able to see Evan by straining her neck to look back, but she couldn’t tell what he was doing. Her legs were shaking, and she couldn’t bear to think about how exposed she was, with everything on display. She couldn’t even do anything to cover herself. She could hear Evan whispering to Julianne, but wasn’t able to make out what they were saying. Then Julianne giggled, and gave her approval.

“What did they just say? What are they going to do?”


After several tense moments of silence, Claire couldn’t stand it anymore. She had to know what was going on.

Claire’s voice quavered as she spoke, “W-what are you g-gonna do?” Claire tried to turn her head to see what Evan was doing behind her.

There was no response. Evan and Julianne walked up close behind Claire. Julianne placed her hand on the back of Claire’s head and pushed it into the table, not hard enough that it would hurt, but hard enough that she couldn’t turn her head to see what was going on. Evan put his rock-hard cock on Claire’s slit. Then he slowly inserted it into Claire’s pussy.

“What? This doesn’t feel like a punishment. What is Evan doing? Was he just trying to scare me before?” Claire was able to relax as Evan’s cock slowly fucked her pussy. As her fear diminished, she got more turned on. Claire was never tied up before, sex izle and she was into it. “This is really kinky, I think I could get used to this.” Over the past week, she got accustomed to being helpless and at Evan’s mercy, so Claire quickly adapted to her new situation. Within a minute, Claire was moaning with pleasure.

“Ooohhh, fuck, Evan, fuck, fuck, fuck,” Claire’s moans kept getting louder.

Evan and Julianne had their lips locked hard, making out while using Claire. Evan broke the kiss to speak with their slave. “This is turning you on, isn’t it, slut? You’re getting all wet. Have you forgotten that this is supposed to be a punishment?”

“This isn’t the punishment? Then what is he doing?”

Evan pulled his cock out of Claire’s pussy. Claire had lubed it up for him, and it was slick with her juices.

“Have you ever been fucked in the ass, slut?”

Claire froze. She didn’t know what to say. She had never even thought about going that far. She had a boyfriend or two in the past that wanted to try anal with her, but she never let them. She was strictly against it. Claire felt the head of Evan’s cock on her virgin asshole.

“No! Please! I’ve never done that before! Your cock is too big! I can’t do it! Please!” Claire rocked her body to get Evan’s cock away from her untouched hole. She clenched her ass cheeks. She couldn’t do anything to stop what was happening, though.

“You did this to yourself, Claire. If you had obeyed us like you were supposed to, maybe we wouldn’t be so rough, but we have to teach you to listen to us,” Julianne scolded Claire.

Evan grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them apart with his hands. He put his cock on her tiny asshole.

“Thanks for getting my cock all nice and wet for me, slut. And at least it won’t be as painful for you, either,” Evan mocked.

With that, Evan pushed his cock into her tight asshole. Claire screamed. The Claire’s high-pitched voice echoed throughout the room. It was probably echoing throughout the entire building, too. Evan couldn’t care less. Only about half his cock was in her ass, but he started thrusting. With each thrust, it went just a little bit deeper. Claire’s virgin ass hole was so warm and tight. It seemed to mold around Evan’s cock as he fucked her. Claire felt like she could feel every vein in Evan’s cock, and she could tell that his entire member wasn’t even inside her yet.

For a little bit, she was in too much pain and shock that she couldn’t make any sounds, just stay still and hope Evan would finish soon. Unfortunately for her, Evan just fucked her not long ago, and after several minutes of fucking her ass, he was nowhere near done.

After she got over the initial shock, Claire tried to do everything from clenching her asshole to pushing out, but her efforts just provided more pleasure for Evan’s invading cock. Evan turned his head to kiss Julianne. With one hand, he was slapping Claire’s ass. With the other, he held Julianne by the back of her head and pulled her into a greedy kiss. Evan didn’t stop fucking Claire’s tight asshole. Claire was still in pain, crying out every time Evan thrust into her, but her tiny hole slowly got used to his big cock.

After what seemed like hours for Claire, but not nearly enough time for Evan, he couldn’t hold back anymore. Claire’s tight, virgin asshole fransız porno felt so much better than her pussy, and Evan couldn’t last as long as he thought he would’ve. Although, it was still enough time to show Claire that she was truly a slave, subject to the desires of Evan and Julianne. Evan grunted loudly and shot his load into Claire’s hole. Eventually, he brought himself to pull out of her. Evan and Julianne took a step back to admire Evan’s work. Claire’s tight asshole was now stretched into a gaping, dark hole the thickness of Evan’s cock. Evan watched some of his cum easily drip out of the stretched hole, and slide onto her pussy lips.

Claire stayed still and sobbed silently for a few moments, then stopped. She remained motionless. If she had moved, it would have probably made her asshole hurt more. Evan and Julianne untied Claire, and she fell to the floor. She was exhausted. Evan finally broke her will.

“Hey, bitch, get up, you’re not done yet,” Evan nudged her with his foot.

Claire slowly picked herself up. She shook as she pushed herself up with her arms, then get into a kneeling position. She pushed her legs together so she could cover her exposed asshole. Evan was standing right in front of her.

“You can suck my cock now, Claire. Make it nice and clean,” Evan commanded.

Claire didn’t want to do it. Evan’s cock was filthy from her ass juices. Luckily, she went to the bathroom before, so there wasn’t any of her shit on his cock. Evan pushed his cock onto Claire’s closed mouth. She hesitantly parted her lips. At that opportunity, Evan pushed his cock into her mouth. It quickly hit the back of her throat. Claire gagged a little at the stench of her asshole, and teared up. She tried to ignore it and just focus on cleaning Evan’s cock. She flicked her tongue back and forth on the underside of his cock, and made sure to cover the whole thing with her saliva so she could wash her ass juices away. Evan’s cock hardened in her mouth as she provided more stimulation to it.

“Oh man, you sure do know how to suck a cock, you slut,” Evan groaned.

Claire didn’t know why, but she was somewhat proud that she was getting a compliment from him, even if it was about her being a slut. Claire bobbed her head faster on Evan’s hardening member. She knew that she only had to clean his cock until it was rid of her ass juices, and it was clean already. Despite this, Claire continued sucking his cock. Evan was definitely enjoying this, and maybe Claire was enjoying it, too, even if she didn’t realize it yet. She was starting to get used to her new life.

Julianne knelt down behind Claire and fondled Claire’s tits. Julianne ran her hands up and down Claire’s body as Claire sucked Evan’s cock. Julianne then put her hand under Claire. Evan couldn’t tell what was happening, but guessing from the Claire slowing down and wincing, Julianne was fingering her asshole. Evan grabbed Claire by the sides of her head and began to fuck her face.

“Nice to see that your little asshole is already getting tight again,” Julianne whispered into Claire’s ear from behind. Julianne then slapped Claire’s ass cheeks with her free hand.

Evan could tell that Julianne’s actions were stimulating Claire. His cock got harder as Claire moaned into it. It only took a few more minutes teen porno before Evan pushed his cock deep into Claire’s mouth and shot many thick ropes of cum into her throat. Claire was caught off guard and started to gag and cough. Claire’s mouth felt so good Evan didn’t want to pull out, but when her face turned red, he decided to let her breath. Evan pulled his wet cock out of Claire and watched her fall to the ground, gasping for breath. Julianne was still behind her, finger-fucking her ass with two fingers as well as finger-fucking her pussy.

Evan laid down on the bed and watched Julianne quickly bring Claire to an orgasm. Claire moaned once again, very loudly.

Evan thought about all the sound they had just made in the past hour or so. Luckily, it was while pretty much no one was in the apartment building. Everyone was in their classes in one of the other buildings on campus. And usually the security guards were asleep. If they did hear, they probably wouldn’t care anyways. Evan, Julianne, and Claire didn’t even have to show up to their classes now, since their teachers knew their grades were so good. Evan was able to quickly do the others’ homework and help them with any academic work so they could spend more time together. Especially with his device, he could get things done in no time – literally.

Julianne got up on the bed next to Evan and kissed him. Evan kissed her back and pulled the comforter over their bodies. At Evan’s command, Claire also climbed onto the bed and curled up on the edge of the bed. The three teens were exhausted. Claire quickly fell asleep, her rhythmic breathing lulling Evan and Julianne. Julianne fell asleep with her head in Evan’s chest and Evan’s arm around her. Evan started to fall asleep, too.


Knock knock.

“God dammit, now?” Evan just wanted to go to sleep with these two girls. It was probably one of the security guards, about to inquire about the interesting sounds that have been coming from this room for the past hour. “I’ve never seen any security guards in the apartment building during school hours.”

Knock knock.

Evan carefully removed his arm from under Claire and lightly set her head down on the pillow.

Knock knock.

“Jeez, this guy’s impatient.”

Evan reluctantly sat up on the bed and got out. He walked over to his desk drawer and pulled it open. Evan pushed some stuff out of the way, then pulled out two bracelets. They were pretty thin and made out of rubber. At first glance, the bracelets were just a solid orange color, but when when looking at the inside, you could see a small slit, and a glint of metal.

This was Evan’s newest version of the time-manipulation device. He had been working on making it smaller, so that it could fit in something as small as a bracelet and be concealed. The device just needed to be put in contact with any living biological material, such as a human, and then a button on it could be pressed, and it would stop time for everything except what it was touching. Evan could easily put the bracelet on, then stop time.

Knock knock.

Evan walked over to Julianne and put a bracelet on her wrist. He did the same with his own bracelet, then pushed both buttons at the same time. Silence. It really was wonderful to be able to just stop time at will. Claire was completely still, the clock stopped ticking, and all the sounds from outside were silenced. Evan wrapped his arm around Julianne again, and drifted off to sleep once more.

Knock knock.

“Oh shit.”

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